Your job made you move here, you’ve taken up apartment for rent in Hyderabad, you’re excited for new beginnings and you wish to explore what this new city has to offer? Well, your luck placed you in the right place. Hyderabad offers some of the most versatile weekend getaways in India.

  1. Hampi – perfect place for every type of traveller

With travellers from all across the world coming to see this place, Hampi makes an outstanding destination for weekenders from Hyderabad. Situated only 350 km away from Hyderabad, Hampi holds classic heritage of the Vijayanagara Dynasty that ruled south India in 1500 AD. Sip your tea by the River Tungabhadra during gorgeous sunset, on the land that is often referred to as ‘poetry carved in stone’, and you’ll never forget this weekend.

5 Weekend Getaways Near Hyderabad For The Ones Who've Just Moved To The City

  1. Pench National Park – straight from The Jungle Book

What is commonly known as a perfect setting straight from The Jungle Book, Pench National Park is worth a visit if you’ve recently moved to Hyderabad. Take a jungle safari to see various birds and animals like tiger, leopard, sloth bear, chital, hyena, barking deer, peafowl, pheasant and many more. What’s more? Explore the jungle trails like Mowgli with organised Elephant rides and nature walks by the authorities. Reserve this for a long weekend though, it’s an overnight journey of 650 km from Hyderabad.

  1. Araku Valley – hill station that cools you off

Araku offers mesmerizing green landscapes and mouth-watering Andhra food, making it a favourable destination to visit all round the year for Hyderabad residents. If you’re driving down to this place, you can do multiple things like hit the Vizag beach, go to the Borra caves and visit the Submarine museum on RK beach, placed inside an actual submarine,

  1. Badami and Pattadakal – UNESCO World Heritage Sites with gorgeous architecture

If you’re a history buff attracted to ancient architecture, Badami and Pattadakal should be on the top of your weekend getaway list. Once a coronation capital of Chalukya dynasty, Pattadakal displays intricate art and architecture in the form of temples from 2nd Century AD. It’s one of the lesser-known marvels of India, hidden about 400 km away from Hyderabad. Similar to Pattadakal is Badami that was once an administrative capital of Chalukya Dynasty. It displays rock-cut cave temples from 7th Century AD, making it a perfect place for photography and history enthusiasts.

5 Weekend Getaways Near Hyderabad For The Ones Who've Just Moved To The City

  1. Mahabubnagar – best family destination around Hyderabad

Named after a former Nizam of Hyderabad, Mahbubnagar was once a legendary source of Golconda diamonds, including the famous Kohinoor. This town hosts various historic sites and a few temples. The major attraction remains Mallelatheertham waterfall, situated in the heart of Nallamala forest region, making it a perfect family holiday destination. Look out for the 700-year old Banyan tree with branches spreading across nearly 3 acres of land nearby.

Other weekend getaways near Hyderabad include Warangal, Srisailam, Kurnool, Guntur, Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram. If you’ve recently moved to Hyderabad, ensure that you settle up in the city, take a house for rent in Hyderabad and sort your food scenes because, you might just want to crash on your bed once you come back.

Staying in Hyderabad just got better, isn’t it? Explore these vibrant destinations on your stay in Hyderabad. And if you’re still looking for apartment for rent in Hyderabad, hit up, they’ve got a good collection of shared rooms, individual apartments and similar stay options in Hyderabad.

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