It is safe to say that the fashion industry changed drastically throughout Covid-19. Many shoppers were buying their products online as they were unable to visit the shops that they would usually go to. This led to a lot of high street stores closing down as they were no longer generating any revenue. 


Not all shops are closed and in fact, many businesses benefited from this. If there was any time to start an eCommerce website, it was during the lockdown days. Nobody was spending money on holidays or going out for meals. Instead, they were spending money on clothes as well as decorating their homes. That is why digital marketing thrived during covid-19. 


Although eCommerce websites and digital marketing thrived during this period, it has made the market highly competitive. That is why so many fashion brands are struggling to compete these days, especially those that still have a shop front. However, there are a few tricks that you can do to make sure that you are still generating revenue for your brand. 


Define Your Target Audience


There is a well known saying that goes for marketing and that is “the more people you target, the more people are aiming at your target”. That is a lie, it is a saying that we have recently made up, sounds good right? Anyway, what we are saying is the larger the target audience, the more competitive it is going to be. Find ways to narrow down this audience so you can reach potential customers more qualified and are likely to buy a product from your site. 


For example, if you are a clothing brand and sell tracksuits but are on the cheaper side. Target an audience that will search for cheap tracksuits or affordable tracksuits. Narrowing down the gender of your clothing as well as this can also reach out to a more qualified audience. Find a unique selling point and tell the world about it, that is what we are saying.


Explore The Multiple Channels That You Could Benefit From


Another error that many fashion brands make is not using multiple channels to sell products. Thanks to the digital world, there are many platforms where you can sell your products. Not only do you have a website but you can also sell your items on a social marketplace. Many businesses don’t have a website and only use social media. There isn’t a problem with this however, you are not reaching out to enough people. 


Your priority channels should be a website, Instagram and Facebook. Remain active on social media so you can keep in touch with your customers as well as attract new customers. This reaches out to the maximum audience you can reach and generates more revenue. 


Consistency Is Key


A consistent brand image across all platforms is essential. For example, look at brands such as Nike and Adidas. They portray their image of being a sports brand consistently. Due to this consistency of both of them, people will search for these brands for sports products. Establish your image, establish your target audience and remain consistent across all platforms. That way, the customers are going to know what they can get.


Find yourself a unique selling point if you have one and heavily promote it throughout your platforms. A good example would be if you sell unisex clothing or sustainable clothing. Maybe you donate a small portion of your price to a local charity. There are many things out there to make yourself unique so make sure that you should establish this to your audience. Maybe you specialise in night out dresses or other clothing. 



There are many things that a brand should do to be successful. However, these are the things that you need to prioritise. Consistency is something that should be prioritised. Furthermore, you need to establish your audience before you start your brand. Narrow down your audience and watch it grow gradually. Don’t be afraid to explore other platforms to maximise your reach for your brands. 

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