Mazda Protégé is also known as Mazda Familia in Japan. Over the years, one thing has been constant with this car – change. Its form and its name have always been changing. For example in South Africa this car is known as Mazda etude. Its other names are Mazda GLC and Mazda 323. While the name changes can be interpreted as significant the changes in form are not that prominent. In fact, they are quite subtle to say the least. Only a little furnishing has changed here and there. The cars are normally built in Japan but they are assembled over various countries such as the following:

  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • Colombia
  • New Zealand

How does the car look?

Mazda Protégé is a subcompact car. You too can get this car from your closest Phoenix Mazda Dealer. As you would know the carmaker in this case – Mazda Motor Corporation – is based out of Hiroshima. The car is available in the markets across the United States of America (USA) as well. It is said that the car was named as such from 2004 onwards. It was later on replaced by Mazda 3, a car which was actually a collaborative effort between Mazda and Ford.

History of Mazda Protégé

The car was made in Japan. Its main competitors were Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. A lot of experts are of the opinion that since the car was being built in Japan it was sold at a higher price. Ever since the car was introduced it has been highly favoured by car magazines in the USA. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that the car is capable of coping with and dishing out some really spirited handling. In fact, Protégé was the very first small car from Japan to have successfully crossed over to EPA compact class.

The basis for other cars

You can get the latest cars from Mazda at the Mazda Dealer who happens to be the closest to your location. Later on, cars such as Ford Laser and Ford Meteor were built on the basis of the design principle and other constituent elements of Mazda Protégé. In fact, Ford also marketed these cars in Asia, the home continent of Mazda. They were sold in Australia as well. Ford Escort was also built and based on Protégé. This particular model was sold in the USA as well as other major car markets in North America.

European-style living

When you buy a Mazda Protégé you can say that you are living a European style of life and you would not be accused of boasting at all. Apart from its capabilities related to spirited handling the interiors of this car are quite comfortable as well. The experience of driving this car can be as smooth as it gets. Its features are also pretty grand to say the least. It is available in three trim levels such as ES, LX, and DX. They come with all the latest features that you can think of.

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