Many drivers rely on warning lights to signal trouble or system problems; however, you could have signs of distress before the icon lights up on the dashboard. As you cruise down the road, pay attention to the drive. Is the car running smoothly? Are you hearing odd noises? Does the automobile have difficulty changing gears? These signs could indicate problems with your transmission. When this starts failing, the engine could have trouble controlling the amount of power to the wheels. For your safety, it’s best to have a professional examine the car and make necessary repairs.

Examine the Fluid

Much like the engine requires oil, so too does the transmission. This fluid lubricates the parts and provides for smooth movement and maintaining proper engine temperature. Without it, damage to internal pieces may occur. You’ll notice several issues if this is the case: check for leaks under the vehicle and conduct a smell test. Burning smells could be a sign of low oil or transmission overheating.

Check the Clutch

The drivers of manual transmission vehicles use a clutch, a part that connects shafts between the engine and the wheels. As people shift gears, this helps with control. If accelerating or shifting too much, this piece could wear down, damaging the gears and causing a potential safety hazard. Let your ears help you determine this one. If you hear noises from the engine or clutch pedal, have the car inspected. Leaking hydraulic fluid can also cause damage to this area. Before replacing this part, you’ll need to locate the source of the fluid loss.

Replace Bearings

Within several areas of the car are stainless steel roller bearings. These help with vehicle loads as well as preventing metal-on-metal grating. Sometimes one will go bad and need replacing. If this happens, you may notice humming or whining as you head down the road. In addition, the torque converter could start to fail from bad needle bearings. Again, this will make a harsh sound as you drive. Sometimes replacing the bearing resolves the problem.

Automobile repairs, while expensive, could prevent you from investing in a new vehicle and, thus, accruing those monthly payments. When you suspect something is wrong, locate a shop with experience in transmission service. Have a thorough inspection and obtain an estimate for repairs. The financial cost might seem high, but it could provide a safer form of transportation as well as peace of mind.

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