Proper maintenance is essential for keeping a new Harley free of mechanical issues. First-time owners and novice riders would do well to familiarize themselves with upkeep and maintenance involved. Routine maintenance can lower repair costs and help to ensure that your bike is less likely to suffer from a breakdown or other mechanical issue.

Check Fluids and Tires

Oil and tire pressure checks should be performed on a weekly basis. Lacking sufficient lubrication could significantly reduce the operational lifespan of your engine. Keeping the tires properly inflated is also important as it will minimize wear as well as helping to improve performance and traction.

Lights and Horn

Bikes are much smaller than cars which means that they are far more likely to be overlooked or go unnoticed by other drivers. Failing to inspect the condition of your running lights, break lights, and horn in order to ensure that everything is operating correctly can significantly increase the risks of a or motorcycle accident. Good maintenance habits can spare you from having to contact Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers following a collision, accident or mishap.

Breaks, Clutch and Gear Shift

Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring that your bike remains dependable. Issues with your breaks, a bad clutch or problems with your gear shift could keep your Harley off the road until you are able to arrange for repairs. Preventative maintenance can often be accomplished for only a fraction of the costs needed to pay for repairs.

Performing Routine Maintenance

Your bike comes with a recommended maintenance schedule, one that you would be wise to follow. From adjusting and lubricating the chain to replacing filters and fluids, putting off maintenance for too long can lead to increased wear on the engine and greater strain on key mechanical parts and components. Harley owners who don’t take maintenance concerns seriously are far more likely to end up with their bike in the shop as a result.

Even routine operation and short rides can place enormous strain on your bike’s engine and other major mechanical components. Proper maintenance ensures a safer ride, minimizes the chance of a breakdown and ensures that your Harley continues to offer the same level of performance and dependability that you have come to expect. Neglecting routine maintenance or failing to make upkeep, inspection and repairs a top priority is a mistake that could end up costing you more than you might expect.

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