Warming up for field hockey is a very important component of success and maintaining your physical fitness. The game of hockey requires a level of fitness and agility that comes from a proper warmup followed by a good cool-down. Here we look at some of the exercises and techniques you can try to ensure that you and your team get a proper warmup before training or a match.

According to Go Hockey News, field hockey coaches have an important role to play in ensuring that their players do sufficient amounts of stretching as part of their warmup routine. Of course, other types of warmup exercise are also important. Here is a look at everything that should you should be doing during a training session.

Running and stretching

With any warmup routine, it is best to begin with a short run. This run will increase body temperature, heart rate and adrenaline, and once you have finished the run, you should be ready to tackle other warmup exercises. The run should be followed by some form of dynamic stretching; this is stretching that takes place during movement. This is a great way to promote discipline and team work while improving the coordination, motor skills and agility of the players. Stretching should ideally be followed by a short sprint.

Other warmup exercises

Once you have completed some stretching and running, there are plenty of other warmup exercises that will help to get you warmed up before training or a match. These include many of the exercises that deal with leg health and strength such as lunges, knee rotation, high knee lifting while running and “butt kicks”, also while running. Exercises that help build arm strength include arm rotations and push-ups.

Cooling down

Once you have finished warming up completely, your cool-down routine should also include some stationary stretching and a slow jog. This is an important way of finishing your warmup and helping to ensure that you remain free of injuries and ready to play. This could then be followed by some field hockey drills such as those found on sites like https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Hockey/.

Be sure to incorporate some of these moves when you are trying to get your hockey team warmed up for training or a competitive match.

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