Chicago is going green when it comes to transportation. Bicycles are more evident everywhere. When bicycles attempt to share the road with automobiles, there are bound to be accidents. The risk increases as traffic increases. An auto accident lawyer in Chicago knows the laws of the road and are fully prepared to defend a client involved in a traffic accident.

Over the last few years, the Mayor of Chicago has installed fifty-two miles of bicycle only lanes so that cyclists have a safe place ride and commute to their destinations. The Divvy bike-sharing program funds the bicycle trails. Many Chicago residents are embracing the improvements by taking up a bicycle as alternative mode of transportation. With two wheeled traffic increasing, and only a limited amount of biking trails, bikes must share the road with cars, trucks, other automobiles and even pedestrians.

Auto Accident Law

There has been decline in the rate of car verses bicycle accidents since 2007, according to the comprehensive regional planning agency for Chicago. But comparing the 2009 to 2011 rates, they are on the rise. This rise is directly related to the increase of bicycles on the road in that period. It is becoming more important for everyone on the road to pay attention to his or her surroundings no matter how they are getting around town.

Most accidents that involve bicycles or pedestrians involve injury. Pedestrians and cyclists have their own set of rules of the road. When accidents happen, an auto accident lawyer in Chicagowill know the rules and be able to defend the ones that follow them. Sharing the road is important for the safety of all that use the road. There are paths for pedestrians and cyclists, but they may not always be convenient for a daily commute. Following the rules and sharing the space are vital to preventing accidents and injuries.

Most accidents between cars and bicycles are preventable by simply paying attention. One of the most common is a drive opening a car door in the path of a cyclist or pedestrian. This is known as “dooring.” There have even been catastrophic accidents caused when a cyclist swerves to miss an opening door and gets hit by a passing vehicle. Simply paying attention to the traffic and activity around the area would prevent many of these types of accidents. An auto accident lawyer in Chicago will thoroughly investigate any accident involving a bicycle, pedestrian and/or automobile. They will get the facts and will know who is at fault. Every case is treated individually and with care. Contact a reputable auto accident lawyer if you ever experience an accident on the road. Save a life by always being aware.

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