A smile can define a person. It is a great medium for communication. Not everyone is gifted with a healthy smile. New technologies have enabled people to go to any extent to look good and beautiful. Cosmetic surgeries are nowadays so popular. Right from lips, hair, nose, etc. people opt for all kinds of makeovers. Who do not want to look good? Among all these makeovers, smile makeovers popularity is increasing day by day. The dentists design a perfect smile for person accordingly and give the person confidence to smile again.

A Makeover Designing A New Smile For A New You

What is this makeover?

It is a process intended to improve one’s smile through dental procedures. The process varies from person to person. However, the ultimate aim of the procedure is to give the person a perfect and vibrant smile. There are different kinds of procedures to improve your smile.

  • Cosmetic boding
  • Teeth Contouring and Teeth Whitening
  • Ceramic Crowns
  • Teeth implantation
  • Dental Veneers, etc.

Why do one need a makeover?

The makeover is for the people who find it difficult to smile because of their alignment, coloration, gaping, etc. These problems can be corrected to an extent, and it differs between people. The main problems, which need consideration, are:

  • Discoloration of the teeth: The dentists according to your skin tone and hair decide on how much the teeth needs to be whitened.
  • Spacing, Alignment, and missing teeth: The people which highly disorganized teeth can opt for the Invisalign or orthodontics and missing teeth can be corrected with implants or other similar procedures.
  • Gummy smile: People with a gummy smile can go for re-contoured to improve their smile.
  • Aging skin: As one age, the skin also gets aged. Orthodontics or the oral maxillofacial surgery can give you a makeover

How is it designed?

The process considers facial appearance, teeth color, length & width, shape, lips, gums and also skin and hair tone for the makeover. Dentists consider all these factors and decide which parts needs to be changed to get a perfect smile. For changing a single factor, many other factors surrounding it also needs to be taken care of. The designing process takes much more efforts. Some of the main features the dentists consider for makeovers are:

  • They see to it that your smile line, an imaginary line which covers one end of the teeth to the other end matches for both upper and lower line of teeth, to change the teeth length.
  • To alter the length of the teeth, dentists go for reshaping the teeth especially those two teeth in the front by porcelain veneers or by cosmetic bonding.
  • To change the visibility of gum while you smile, either lengthening of the teeth or modifying the gum line options using laser are considered.
  • Apart from these, the dentists also consider the texture, proportions of the teeth to reshape or change the color of the teeth.

The cost and duration of the treatment vary according to the procedures and patients needs. After the smile makeovers, people needs to take care of their teeth by avoiding harsh brushing of the teeth, cleaning the mouth, avoid taking food, which results in cavities such as tea, coffee, etc.

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