External optimization is now one of the most important factors affecting the success of the promotion of any site on the search engines. In fact, the purpose of optimization comes down to getting links to your site from other resources. And the higher the quality of these links and would be better for your site. Why? Link to the site – it is the same recommendation. And the more your site is recommended, the higher the authority to search engines. But recommendations may be different. For example, the best results provide links to the sites of trust, one-sided, i.e. when the link to your website for no reciprocal links and other. It should be noted that the external optimization should be carried out after completion of all works on internal optimization – only in this case it will give the desired result.

And now we talk about how to get links to the site. Registration in catalogs of sites, some time ago, a site run by a huge number of catalogs (10 000) was a prerequisite for external website optimization and bring good results. In most cases, site registration is done automatically using a variety of programs. But at the moment this method of getting links is ineffective and may even have the opposite result. It is much more effective to find a dozen “real” directory, write descriptions of several unique sites and manually place them in directories. Publication of articles on thematic resources, working and one of the most effective methods of external optimization is still this. Today there are a large number of sites willing to host your unique article with the link. Find these resources can be through a special exchange. The cost of placing articles depends on the subject, the quality of the site, and age of the resource, attendance and other. You can also find directories in which materials can be placed free of charge.

It is worth noting that any of these sites there is moderation, that is, the article should be not only unique, but also readable and interesting to the user. Placement of press releases, the operating principle of this method is the same as for publishing articles. The main difference is in the form of articles – press release, which is absolutely necessary for an episode, and the structure of the article should be slightly different, Forums, guestblogs and blogs. To register, just select the theme for your site forums and leave comments there. In most cases, a link to your site is a user name. It should be noted that if the comments have to be really useful to people, and then link to your site will be working for a long time. This method of search engine optimization is free (unless you implement it on their own). For guards, paid surveys you will need to pay a certain sum of money, but it is has a significant effect. So, what you are waiting for. Fire it up now, or else give the work to profession service provider the SEO Services in Kerala.