As a former metal-mouth, braces do not often fit the generic definition of “cool.” They usually don’t look cool, they don’t feel cool (especially if you take a direct hit to the mouth), and there’s no amount of colored bands or clear tracks that will fix that! When having them, you might even ask yourself, “Why do I even need these?! Straight teeth aren’t worth this suffering!”

Well, there are more benefits to having braces than just an amazing smile. They can really improve your overall health, and for some the results can be life changing with improved self-esteem and confidence. Let’s go through some of the important health benefits to these very annoying mouth fixtures.

Braces: An Uncool Necessity

Your Teeth Will Be Easier To Clean

Teeth that are shoved together like a bundle of sticks are not the simplest to clean.They make it difficult to brush completely in certain areas, and almost impossible to floss. When  separate. are curved they can drift completely out of place, and that can mean serious cleaning challenges. Along with serious cleaning challenges comes serious hygiene issues. When curved teeth straightened, the bristles from your toothbrush can cover more of the teeth’s surface area. The outcome from braces can also improve a human being’s ability to floss. Flossing, which you absolutely should doing, will be way easier to accomplish. The more aligned your teeth are, the smoother it is to clean in between the includes removing wads of food. The best  Regular flossing can show tremendous results, including increased prevention of heart disease along with a longer life expectancy. Some studies show that it can add up to 6.3 years to a human’s lifespan, which is a shame because only 5-10% of Americans floss daily. Make sure you’re one of the flossers!  

Your Digestion Will Be Improve

It’s hard to chew your food when your teeth look like the hair from your favorite anime character. Pointy, jagged, clustered, no sensible direction at all. The more crooked and gappy your teeth are, the less thorough you will be with chewing your food. The smaller the pieces of food, the easier they are to digest. The less likely you are at risk of choking from it, which kills 3,000 adults annually. Installing braces can defend you from a potentially fatal meal.

Braces: An Uncool Necessity

Lowers Chances of Gum Disease

Braces make your teeth straighter, and the straighter your teeth are, the easier it is to clean them. Cleaner teeth are less likely to contract gum diseases like gingivitis or experience tooth decay. Gingivitis is a disease that causes red and swollen gums, and if ignored, the gums can start to bleed. Gingival gums aka bleeding gums, can leave your body open to infections and is unpleasant to the sight. Not to mention, a leading topic of conversation from your house guests for the  over breakfast. Thus by transitive property, braces lower the chances from you mouth from bleeding. Even though you can prevent most diseases with regular maintenance, there are some cleaning procedures for which you should seek a professional. For example, plaque that stays in the mouth longer than 24 hours can become tartar, and that cannot be removed by a toothbrush; it must be taken care of by a dentist.

Less Tooth Damage

When your smile is abnormal, the teeth can rub against one another. If this is not altered, your bridgework can become worn out, nicked, or even sometimes cracked. Straightened teeth can lower the chances of dental injuries like that. Abnormal erosion of the clustered teeth can result in density loss, and then they can easily be broken and ultimately have to be removed. When your mouth has one or more teeth missing, it puts the rest of your teeth under more stress, which causes the body to lose bone density in order to reinforce the teeth. Teeth under major stress could trigger your body to not assign nutrients to them, weakening the jaw.   

Clearly the medical benefits are outstanding, but also results from having braces have proven to help you and/or your child’s emotional state as well. Straight teeth might even boost your self-esteem. The better ivories you have, the less self-conscious you will be when you smile. The more you smile, the happier you will become and that’s not hyperbole, it’s simply science. Straightened teeth are also connected to having better career options. The positive elements of braces are overwhelming, and health is a trend that should never go out of style. If you’re contemplating installing braces, even temporary ones, take it seriously because even they many not be “cool,” they could save your life.   

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