Online marketing agencies spend much time auditing the website of the prospective clients to see how SEO friendly their websites are. There are hundreds of SEO auditing tools that help agencies know how efficient a website is. Below is the list of a few auditing tools that every SEO agency should have.

Marketing Grader

This audit tool is here for a while and is owned by a reputed company. This tool was originally known as “Website Grader” and includes more data that one can find on their website. This tool takes care of your blog, website, social media channels and many other things. Some of the features of Marketing Gender include – user friendly interface and design, excellent screenshots, free availability, white label the audits and many more.

Found SEO Tool

Found’s SEO tool is a free audit tool that allows users to enter a URL and get an instant SEO audit of the website. You will get the overall score and tips to improve the score. The data can act as starting point and alert you about some key problems that may need to be looked at. The beta version of this SEO audit tool is not capable of completing the full audit, nor can replace human checks.

SEO Report Card

This is an awesome tool to analyse your website. It is very fast and visually appealing. The great thing about this audit tool is that it is beneficial for small business owners.  If you are running a small business, then you should try out this tool. This tool even provides a variety of options for agencies to sell their services. SEO is an ongoing process to understand the web presence. The audit tool can identify the right keywords that drive traffic, optimize those keywords by producing unique content, etc. The process is impossible without proper audit tool. Basic SEO decisions and inaccurate SEO data will yield corresponding SEO results.

Website Ausitor

This tool helps you to know about the best way to optimize your website and secure top rankings on Google. You can develop 100% Google friendly websites that hit the top rank with great accuracy. Your website will become a seamlessly functioning system.  Website Auditor makes the complicated process of optimizing a website much easier and efficient. You can download the trial version and apply to your site. You will find results soon.

Screaming Frog

This is a fantastic website audit tool for agencies for getting the most important and useful information from the entire site.   In fact, it is not really an audit, but can be said as a crawl. It crawls through the entire site and offers the data from the perspective of a SEO. It gives lots of valuable insights on any SEO issues that your site could encounter. This tool can be downloaded directly to your computer. It’s definitely worth downloading this SEO software for agencies.


Paradox is another free SEO tool that helps agencies to analyse the search engine ranking signals related to your website. It provides users with actionable recommendations, rather than providing meaningless metrics. It provides significant recommendations based on the data gathered from your website. It has been built by SEO experts who are highly experienced and are consultants for large brands.

MySite Auditor

This is one of the best audit tools and is used by agencies a lot. The main reason is that one can embed it to the website and generate plenty of leads. It’s a great tool for agencies. The key feature of this tool is that it can audit specific web pages for any targeted key phrase.  The drawback with other audit tools is that they audit the entire site, but you should know that Google ranks webpages and not sites.  Hence, this is a very useful tool for SEO agencies.

Author Bio – Tom Jones  is a senior software engineer. His likes to work on different SEO tools and explore their features. To know more about SEO software for agencies, you can read his articles and blogs.