Dermaroller is a skincare treatment that has been around for over a decade and a half. There is a reason that it hasn’t faded into the history books of the skincare industry by now. It really works. Not only that, but it can be beneficial for your skin in more than one way. If that isn’t enough to pique your interest then how about the fact that you can do your own Dermaroller treatments right in your house?

Yes, you can actually do Dermaroller treatment on yourself. That said, you also have the option of going to a clinic and having a professional Dermaroller procedure done, and there are drastic differences between home and clinical skincare treatments. But you can’t really understand those differences without taking a quick look at how Dermaroller works.

Dermarollers Improve Skin Health Through Damage

It may sound strange, but a Dermaroller treatment can make your skin look better by damaging it. The small needles on the device work in a similar way to some other aesthetic skincare devices. That is, they penetrate down into hidden layers of skin, which are often the layers that need the most help.

The Dermaroller needles can drill microscopic holes in your skin, which can trigger your body’s damage control response. Part of that response is the release of collagen and other hormones and proteins that can help to give your skin back its supple, taught appearance. Restoring levels of those healthy components in your skin cells can tighten up wrinkles, lighten the appearance of scars, and generally give your skin a brighter look.

Dermarollers Provide Conduits for Healing Salves

Another way in which Dermarollers can benefit your skin is by allowing salves, lotions, and medicated creams to get to lower skin levels. The lotions and creams can use the holes created b the Dermaroller as a conduit for fast travel to where they are needed. That makes Dermaroller treatments useful procedures to combine with other forms of skincare treatment.

Dermarollers Don’t Discriminate When it Comes Skin Type

Another reason why Dermaroller procedures have stood the test of time is that they are universal skincare procedures. Many skincare treatments are rather limited because they can’t treat certain skin groups, such as dark skin, dry skin, or oily skin. The fact that Dermaroller can be performed on nearly anyone makes it one of the most popular skin treatments around, and that trend is not likely to change anytime soon.

At-Home Dermaroller Treatments Can be Used to Slow Skin Degeneration

When you’re trying to choose between clinical and at-home Dermaroller treatments you need to understand that the needles used at the clinic are larger, which means that they can provide more intense, and often more effective treatment. Trained clinicians are also qualified to recognize and treat specific skin issues. Without that training you may not want to treat your skin problems on your own, especially if they are severe.

Of course, not all skin conditions are severe. In fact, it’s preferable to catch and treat minor skin issues before they ever reach that point. With that in mind, you definitely can use at-home Dermaroller treatment to slow down the process of skin degeneration before it gets out of hand. But you shouldn’t hesitate to seek clinical help if at-home Dermarollers don’t do the trick.

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