Spinal decompression therapy is the most popular non invasive and non surgical treatment process used to treat chronic back pain. You may be surprised to know that medications and surgery are often not successful in treating chronic back pain and many people tend to suffer in silence.

The conventional treatment processes do not treat the causes and end up treating only the symptoms providing only temporary relief. The spine supports the upper body and any damage or deterioration to it due to accidents, injuries or the aging process can cause pain.

Although some people may be skeptical about using this treatment, you need to know that this therapy actually works and you may be able to experience relief from your chronic back pain after a few sessions. A thorough assessment needs to be done to determine whether this treatment process is suitable for your condition.

The treatment process is done by an experienced chiropractor after identifying the problem areas of the spine. As there are different types of spinal injuries, it is important that the chiropractor that you choose has the necessary experience and skills to treat it successfully.

What Do You Need To Know About Spinal Decompression Therapy?

How Does The Spinal Decompression Therapy Work?

The spinal decompression therapy works by taking the pressure off the compressed discs and vertebrae. The effect of this treatment process for chronic back pain may vary depending on the nature of the pain, symptoms, age and gender. This therapy is usually performed in a clinical setting.

The spinal decompression treatment uses traction devices and other techniques that help in relieving the pressure on the nerves. Equipment is used to maneuver the spine in a precise direction so that the vertebrae and nerves that are misaligned may be properly aligned.

The problem area of the spine is targeted in a precise manner and the traction devices help pull and elongate it so that the misalignment is corrected. You may not experience any side effects after the treatment although some people may experience muscle spasm for a couple of days. As no surgery is involved, you may be able to resume your normal activities at the earliest time possible. It is best to follow the advice of the chiropractor so that you are able to strengthen the spine and prevent injuries.

Spinal Decompression Therapy Sessions

The cost of the spinal decompression therapy may vary depending on the number of sessions that you may have to attend to help get relief from chronic back pain. Most people may require 10 – 20 sessions to experiencing relief from pain. If you are recovering from a major injury or accident, you may have to attend more sessions to get rid of pain and gain mobility.

Before you start this therapy, you need to ensure whether you are eligible for it. Pregnant women, people with fractures or other injuries, paraplegics and those suffering from pelvic cancer need to consult the doctor before they can opt for this treatment. Do not choose chiropractors who do not have the necessary experience and expertise to treat chronic back pain even if they offer their services at a discount.

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