During the summer, heat can be quite unbearable, especially if there’s no cross ventilation. It’s the moment when we have poor sleeps at night. We tend to groan and moan on the bet. We could just lie on the bed, feeling restless during the heat. Each person has different way to cool them off, other than using house fan and air conditioner. Some people splash their face with cold water and this could provide them with a temporary level of comfort. To remain more comfortable, it is known that we should be well hydrated. Water can be freshened by adding cut up or sliced fruit in the glass container; before we put it in the refrigerator. Good fruits for this purpose include cucumber, watermelon, pears, nectarines, apples, limes, lemons and strawberries. If desired, we could also add fresh mint leaves. We will appreciate how refreshing the water will become.

Here are other ideas that can keep us comfortable and cooler during hot summer days:

  • Frozen grapes: Grapes are essentially winter fruit and we won’t get fresh grapes during early summer. In this case, we could choose frozen grapes. They may not be completely fresh, but still a better snack than sugar-loaded ice cream. We can keep frozen grapes in a container or zip-lock bag. During winter, we may also freeze clean and whole grapes ourselves. During a hot summer day, we can eat frozen grapes as they are. We can also add frozen grapes to smoothies.
  • Slushies and sorbets: We can choose any frozen cut up fruits of our choosing. It should be very easy to freeze cut up pineapple and watermelon on our own. They can be kept in zip lock bags and containers. Frozen fruits can be mixed with condensed milk and syrup for added taste; although we should be careful not to consume too much added sugar. We may also put frozen fruits in previously boiled and then cooled coconut milk that’s slightly sweetened. Some fruits already very sweet, so we may not need to add any sugar at all. Before adding sweetened milk, syrup or sugar; we should start with a small amount to make sure that it’s still pleasant to eat.
  • Frozen mashed fruit: Some fruits can be mashed and then frozen. Some candidates for this are banana, apple or mango. We can add some chocolate chips, walnut chips or other extra ingredients to make them taste better.
  • Frozen fruits with cooled milk: This is a healthy alternative to the usual cereal. Cut up fruits; such as blueberries, mango and pineapple can be placed in small bowl and we may add our cooled favourite milk on top.
  • Smoothies made directly from plenty of frozen fruits: Smoothies made from frozen fruits have thicker consistency and we can add some milk, some sugar and a pinch of salt. It will feel more like a fresh milkshake.

Other than drinking these cooled fruit-based beverages; we should also wear thin and loose clothing. A bag ice should be kept handy in our freezer, so we can make refreshing, healthy beverages at any time.

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