Anxiety is the part of human life, sometimes you feel anxious when you are facing problems in your life. Anxiety is based on daily and temporary fears and worries. Someone who deals with the anxiety and its anxiety does not leave him and it can get worse over the time. This situation can disturb with their daily activities like college, relationship, jobs. There are many symptoms of anxiety disorder and they all are as under:

Symptoms of the Anxiety 

Panic Disorder

People who face panic disorders are suffering from unexpected panic attacks. This situation comes suddenly and this period of intense fear reached with the peak within the minutes. The panic attack can happen surprisingly and it can be fetched on by a trigger as the feared situation and object.

People may experience this thing during a panic attack,

          Shivering and Trembling

          Being out of control

          Shortness of smothering and breathing

          Pounding heartbeats and heart palpitation

          Sweating

In this disorder, the people are always worried about that when the next attack will happen because it can occur suddenly. So, they try to stop future attacks by escaping the situation or behavior which are the reason for the attacks.

Phobia related to panic disorder

The phobia is the strong fear of the specific situation and the object. It can be the reality that sometimes you feel anxious in some conditions. This fear is called the phobia that makes feel too out of the amount and it is the actual cause of danger. The people with phobia takes quick steps to avoid their fears and have illogical tensions and worries about meeting the feared situation and object. They also suffer in inescapable situations and experience direct anxiety. There is some common example which is related to the phobia disorders.

We have some common examples of people phobia, there are some specific fears in everyone’s life that phobia includes such as height, blood, flying, injections, and specific animals.

Universal Anxiety disorder

Nowadays usually people are suffering from anxiety disorder, the main reason for this problem is worries. People face anxiety with many different reasons like their personal health, daily life problems and social interactions, these things create fear and can cause of the significant problem of life. The universal anxiety can occur by this reason, being easily exhausted, being irritable, sleeping problem, feelings of worry, feeling restless. These are the common factors of anxiety factors.

Risk factors of these disorders

According to the research, there are two inherited and an environmental factor of the anxiety that increases the risk factor for the person who deals with anxiety. The risk factors of each anxiety disorder rely on its internal risk factors that include all type of anxiety disorders.

          Experience the stress in the native life or the event in the early childhood life.

          Some physical abnormalities like heart arrhythmias and a thyroid problem, these health problems create irritation in the person and it produces the anxiety disorder.

          Behavioral inhibition and undependable traits of shyness can be the cause of anxiety disorder.

          Mental and biological illness can also create anxiety in the person.

Therapies and Treatment

Anxiety patients are usually treated by the medication, psychotherapy and sometimes both. Anxiety disorders can be treated in many ways and so many peoples start work with their doctor to choose the best treatment way for them.


Medication does not the cure of the anxiety patients but it can help them to relieve in some symptoms. Doctors prescribed the medication of the anxiety patients and some doctors allow the concern with the psychologists. The psychologists have the specialties in the psychiatric medications. The medication for anxiety patients can help them to reduce the sudden mishaps like panic attacks and other worries of fears. Benzodiazepines are the most common medication of the anxiety and it can be used as the treatment for common anxiety disorders. Benzodiazepines are the most effective medication for the anxiety disorders but the doctors only prescribe this medication for the short period. It is usually helpful for the adults who have exploitation problem, they easily become dependable of the medication.


Psychotherapy is also known as the talk therapy and it can help the anxiety patients. To become the effective psychotherapist, the person must be directed the patient-specific anxieties and handmade of its need. Psychotherapy has cognitive behavioral therapy which is very effective for anxiety patients. In this therapy, the doctor teaches the patient to think in a different way and it also teaches the patient to learn social skills. This therapy is mainly focused challenging, identifying and neutralizing the one-sided thoughts which are the cause of anxiety. Cognitive therapy controls all negative thoughts and engage the patients into other activities and sometimes it is used to in relaxation exercise.

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