Jodhpur is a historic city founded by the Rathores. The Rathore kingdom was otherwise called the Marwar and was the biggest in Rajputana. The city was constructed as the new capital of the condition of Marwar to supplant the old capital Mandore, the remnants of which can be seen close what is presently the Mandore Gardens. The general population of Jodhpur and encompassing territories are henceforth additionally normally called as ‘Marwaris’. Jodhpur is now the second largest city in Rajasthan and is known as the “sun state” because of its temperate climate throughout the year.

Jodhpur has a flourishing tourism industry. It is one of the main cities in Rajasthan along with Jaipur and Udaipur that tourists make a stop at. It is a perfect tourist destination with all the modern amenities and establishments yet a place where you can experience Rajasthani cultures and tradition at its best. Oyo rooms in Jodhpur help you to easily book your hotel online. On checking the rooms online, you will see that in pictures, all the Hotels whether big or small has an essence of Rajasthan spread all over right from their interior decor to the way the room is arranged. Some hotels will have a rustic touch and vintage feel and look to them.

There is no dearth for historical sites in Jodhpur which is the main attraction to the city but its food and culture is also something you will cherish and take back with you for the rest of your lives. Food can be as cheap as INR200 for a full proper Rajasthani thali to as expensive as your flight ticket for up and down for a simple 3 course meal. These extravagant restaurants do not compromise in quality, service and flavour. The setting of some of these restaurants is set in a serene ambiance and some overlook the beautiful monuments of Jodhpur.

During your stay there, you cannot miss out on the local snacks and goodies. You will find various shops selling packed snacks along the roadside. Most of these products are sold at a very high rate so make you bargain your way in well before you spend your cash in anything. You will also find carts with huge earthen pots selling cool lassi and badam milks. Served in small clay cups, this makes for refreshing drink on a hot summer’s afternoon. The mrwaris are fond of sweets and so you will find a huge assortment of sweets of various kind, shapes, sizes and taste. You should also definitely try the famous Kachori. You will find two types of Kachori here – the sweet and savoury. The shapes are same, which is an ovalish to roundish puff pastry slightly inflated in the centre. The filling makes the difference. The texture and taste of the puff pastry remains the same but the feeling is made with something sweet in the former and a spicy onion filling in the latter.

Jodhpur is not a vast city and you need not spend too many days to explore this city. Make your stay based on quality rather than quantity. Stay in one of the better hotels in Jodhpur and eat out at some of the best fine dining restaurants to take your experience up by a notch.

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