Google Maps is a familiar feature provided by the popular search engine itself. Because search engines have more and more features, SEO is much more about ranking well in standard search results; but also in images, videos and maps. Google Maps is more than just about search tool for business, but it’s also a way for users to navigate themselves through specific locations. In this case, we should look for ways to achieve good ranks with it. Good presence in Google Maps will also allow our business to appear in standard search results. As an example, if we type the name of a town, followed with a type of business; the top position often has a map and a short list of available business.

To do this, we need to have a business page in Google places. Before we start, we should make sure that our business is still not yet exist. Google may automatically adds business in its map and if this is the case, it is important that we need to claim it. In order to do this, we should write detailed profile on Google Places. All we need to have is a Google account and it is free to set up. Google says that proven and validated profile in Google Places will help to increase our rankings, because our business has higher trust and reliability. It is also important to get business citation and it shouldn’t be that hard to obtain.

This is as easy as mentioning our business on other websites and it is the same with building inbound links. When obtaining citations, it is important to make sure that the anchor text we use is identical with the one used in Google Places listing. Our link, description, contact information and others should match proper with our Google Places page. This is a good way for us to achieve organic rankings. Other than in Google Places, we should also get our business listed in other websites, such as Insiderpage, Superpages and Yahoo. This will pass long additional link juices. Our details in these pages should be comprehensive and they will help to improve our rankings.

Our citations must be accurate and they need to be identical. It would be a bad idea to get listed with wrong information. Google bots will crawl these websites and they will try to look for correlations. Obviously, our physical address should be added. However, before we do this, we should look for our street name in Google Maps and make sure that it is displayed properly. This will make sure that Google sees another correlation between physical address and actual locations on the map. Addresses could also be added in social media posts to further help our effort.

Our position in Google Maps will be more established when people write reviews. We should ask customers to add their reviews for specific discounts. They don’t have to always give us five-star reviews, because Google will get suspicious if something looks too perfect.

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