The thrill, the excitement, the yelling of the prices, the anger you see in your opponent’s face! No, this is not a Saturday night bar fight, but a car auction. With so many people ineligible for a car credit due to low income or bad credit score, the popularity of car auctions has been increasing over the past several years. But, you cannot just go to an auction and buy the first vehicle you see – you need to inspect the quality of potential cars, assess your financial situation properly and make the best choice. Here are some tips that might assist you during this process.

Different Possibilities

Once you decide to buy a car at an auction, there are two things you can do: attend a government auction or a public one. The differences are obvious, but not that huge. Both types of auctions forbid you to test a vehicle beforehand and both require you to think a lot in advance. This is not a popular choice and many people do not even consider buying a car without testing it.

Government auctions are, moreover, often more transparent and the cars that are offered come from a good background. Potential buyers know everything there is to know about them and can sometimes even check it online, which is rarely the case with public auctions.

Auctioning For A Car: Tips & Tricks

Do Not Make Too Much Noise

A vital advice at car auctions is not to pretend to be an expert if you are not one. In other words, do not offer the money you do not have and do not think that you will be able to fix a car that needs fixing if you are unable do to so. Some cars presented in auctions are quite cheap because they need to be restored and these are the vehicles to avoid unless you want to end up with a used car you have no way of fixing up – plus, you will just waste your money.

Auctioning For A Car: Tips & Tricks

Pay Really Close Attention

Without a chance to actually drive the car you have chosen before purchasing it, you have to pay really close attention to what you are being offered. Relying on your eyes is easy for people with experience, so what you need to do, if you are lacking it, is consult someone who has already dealt with used car. Or you can just focus on trustworthy and generally good car and motorcycle auctions and avoid potentially problematic ones run by shady people.

Checking for potential troubles on a car must include a close inspection of both the exterior and the interior. From checking its form, rust spots, dents and scratches to the paint job – mind you, too many layers of paint indicate frequent paint jobs that were used to cover up serious damages – everything is important. Also, remember to look under the hood and make sure all hoses and belts are in proper shape. Finally, move to the inside of the car and check the seats, the dashboard and the steering wheel.

Auctioning For A Car: Tips & Tricks


Car’s VIN – Vehicle Identification Number – is its ID. Most cars have several VINs placed in different locations (dashboard, fender, driver’s doorpost, etc.) and only if all of these match can you be certain that your car has not had any serious repairs and crashes. That is why you need to inspect VIN and learn more about your car’s origin and history before actually purchasing it.

Auctioning For A Car: Tips & Tricks

Bid, Bid, Bid

After you have collected all these pieces of information and made sure your choice of a car is good, you can start bidding. When this happens, try not to overpay and go out of your price range!

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