At present, both Google and Apple have more than 2.5 million apps in their Stores. Not 10% of all of these apps are used frequently. Check out the list of installed apps on your own smartphone or tablet. Which applications do you use daily, what apps did you pay and why are you using these apps right?

In May 2011, Wayne Pan talked about ‘Do not just build a mobile app. Build a business. ‘ I.e, no mobile application develops around the application, but to set up a business. In this blog we give 10 tips to successfully market a mobile application.

  1. Provides a solution

Develop an app that your audience really is waiting for. In what way and to what extent does the application provide a solution for your target audience? Make sure the ultimate app is also provided with strong functionalities, a splendid look and a pleasant user experience.

  1. Know your target audience

Know your audience before you start writing, drawing, and scheduling. Find your audience, ask them and try to find out what they think is important. Why do they decide to download an app? When do they do that? What and for what purpose do they use apps? The answers to these questions help to make the app targeted..

  1. Choose an appropriate earnings model

What is the Return on Investement (ROI) of your plan to develop and market an app? In one way or another you will want to return the investment.

Possible earnings models are:

– An investment per license

– An investment for an upgrade to an extended version (freemium)

– Ad serving within the app

– Sales of data, user behavior and user data

– Sales of products within the application

– Promotion of services and products

Whichever earnings model you choose, make sure your target audience understands and accepts the earnings model. It’s important that your target audience does not experience this investment as annoying.

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  1. Keep an eye on your competition

Does your mobile app get competitive and what does this competition do? Keep an eye on the competition. Make your app appealing and offer more solutions than your competitor’s app. Take care for copying ideas and do not try to resemble the competitor. Dare to be distinctive. The biggest bonus at work is when the competition seems to appear on your app.

  1. Make use of a marketing strategy

The marketing strategy determines whether your app is a success. Let’s hear from you, both online and offline. Tell your story to anyone who wants to hear and keep it sincere and transparent. Make sure the listener understands you and try to create a gun factor. It may be best that one of your listeners becomes an ambassador of your app.

  1. Ga for sustainability

Sustainability means the life of the app. If your app is in store and after 6 months already has an old-fashioned appearance, or worse, no solution at all, development and marketing have had little use. Keep your app up-to-date.

  1. Listen to your audience

Read user reviews in Stores and websites. Take the criticisms and improvements to heart and provide feedback to the user by processing the critical and improvement points.

  1. Get the rules and guidelines of the Stores

Take the time to review the rules and guidelines of the Apple Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store. The chance that an app with too few functionalities is rejected is high. The rules are regularly updated to improve the quality of the large amount of apps. So be sure to be well informed in advance.

  1. Be a chameleon

Be a chameleon to the extent that you act as a supplier to the needs of the user. The mobile market is a rapidly changing market, with many wishes and requirements. Make yourself a chameleon and make changes quickly and subtly.

  1. Use our tips

The above tips are not rocket science. However, many new players are mistaken in the mobile market. As mentioned, Google and Apple stores contain over 1 million apps not yet 10% used. It would be a pity if you did not use the above tips and that after a lot of time and energy, your brand new app belongs to the 90% irrelevant apps.

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