After pregnancy and childbirth, your body will gradually go through some changes during this recovery period. Being a mother is the most wonderful experience in the world, however, some of its consequences are not as fascinating as motherhood – the stretch marks, sagging, fat accumulation or cellulite are few.

Beauty Tips After PregnancyPorcelain Skin After the Birth of your Baby

Due to the increase in the amount of circulating estrogen during pregnancy, your skin glows. However, after giving birth, these hormones rapidly descend in number and the skin appears dull, dry and damaged. Fortunately, there are creams, cosmetics and various treatments for recovering the beauty of the skin. And if you take care of your skin from the inside with adequate food, you will manage to get a perfect complexion in a short period of time.

The liquid element is very important postpartum and is essential during lactation. Drinking two liters of water a day will help to moisturize your skin and prevent dryness and premature aging. Citrus fruits, vegetables and especially vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, have an essential substance for the synthesis of collagen, which prevents the formation of wrinkles and provides elasticity to the skin. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant, which function is to prevent free radicals from accelerating the aging process. Vitamin A is found in animal fat (butter, milk) and reddish-orange vegetables (carrots, squash, beets, etc.) and it is essential in order to keep the skin in good condition. Fiber is necessary to combat constipation, which is an enemy of the perfect complexion. Always take fibers with water to promote intestinal transit.

On the skin of the face, you must choose a treatment based on a moisturizer enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen. At night, a nourishing cream enriched with soothing and relaxing substances works best to repair your skin. This treatment can be combined with a peptide-based weekly mask, which works by relaxing the muscles of the face surface so that the skin looks smoother immediately.

Beauty Tips After PregnancyLuminous Hair After Pregnancy

After delivery, estrogen decreases abruptly, and the hair looks dull and damaged. In addition, the hair tends to fall out more than usual. And although this is not noticeable until after a few months, it is advisable to start treating it before it makes its appearance. To prevent hair loss and have it soon regain its strength and vitality, it is advisable to take a specific vitamin supplement. The deadness, dryness and dullness also have their solutions. Revitalizing hair capsules once or twice a week, avoiding frequent use of the shampoo and nourishing mask are essential for your hair to be voluminous and shiny as before.

Keep Stretch Marks under Control

The strain experienced by the skin leads to the lost of elasticity, and therefore collagen and elastin fibers break, causing stretch marks. A useful way to prevent them is by using moisturizing skin products that contain collagen, elastin and vitamin E. Once they have made ​​an appearance on the skin they are difficult to remove, but the overall appearance can be improved with rosehip creams and oil. This plant is essential for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks.

Fight Against Cellulite

Cellulite is a disorder of connective tissue, as evidenced by accumulation of fat, water and toxins. Pregnancy is not the only factor that can trigger it, and cellulite does not choose a certain type of women, as it appears on both thin and plump ladies regardless of their age. However, if the woman is predisposed to cellulite, the trigger can be more intense due to increased weight during the nine months of pregnancy. Regular exercise and drinking plenty of water between meals can help prevent it. But if you already have ‘orange skin’, once you finish breastfeeding follow a low fat diet, use massage devices combined with the action of special anti-cellulite creams and try some of the salon treatments such as coolsculpting, then lymphatic drainage or electrolipolysis.

Beauty Tips After Pregnancy

The arrival of the baby means a huge change in the routine of women. They forget about themselves, their own needs, nutrition and care, but the mothers also matter, especially their inside and outside health. There is no reason to neglect yourself when you become a mother. Doing something that makes you feel pretty and satisfied is necessary in order to avoid postpartum depression.

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