Backing up the gigabytes of data generated by a school or school district as a whole is important. And today, cloud solutions for education backup are embraced by organisations and institutions all over. But why is cloud technology so indispensable these days? While some say it is the enhanced data security that cloud offers, others are of the opinion that easy accessibility is what makes cloud so preferred these days. The benefits of online data storage are many but most of us are not aware of all these advantages. Allow us to sum them up for you:

Reduced Ownership Costs– Cloud backup is done on an existing infrastructure. As a result, you don’t need to install expensive equipment. With enhanced flexibility, cloud backup software seamlessly integrates with IT environments for prioritising files and then securely transmitting the copies to the offsite data centres. Consequently, the total cost of ownership with your data being in the cloud is less.

High-Speed Data Recovery– Another justification of saving your data in the cloud is the recoverability. Your data will be recovered regardless of your location and that’s assured. In fact, you can also find out and use the RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) that best match your specific business requirements when picking a Cloud Backup solution.

Secure File Transfer– Yes, the files are not only encrypted before transmission to a cloud vault but also encrypted once they reach the destination. The decryption key lies with the customer only. Superior safeguards ensure that files are transferred securely.

Removes Obstacles of Tape Backup– There are two major disadvantages of tape backups. One is that they are expensive and have high chances of getting stolen and the second is that, the process of data recovery from a tape backup is rather slow.

Assured Protection for Endpoint Devices– Cloud storage solutions reduce your dependency on the devices like laptops, desktops and so on. As such, the solutions provide data loss prevention capabilities such as geo-location and remote wipe (as and when it is needed) by corporate data security standards.

Stronger Compliance Safeguards- Most cloud backup solution providers offer multiple data centres in geographically diverse locations. This leads to a reduction in the liability for data security and an increase in the overall reliability of the system.

Better Use of IT Resources- When your data is stored in the cloud and you have nothing to worry about, you get the time and the chance to redirect the IT resources to more strategic initiatives of yourorganisation, which in turn grows and evolves as a result of increased operational effectiveness owing to the security of the data on cloud.

Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits brought forth by cloud storage solutions, you need to find a reputed and reliable service provider. When you negotiate with a potential online data storage company, make sure that they offer you with 99.9% uptime. This is the most important of all aspects related to cloud data backup services. The serviceprovider will typically make you sign a Service Level Agreement, popularly known as SLA. Go through this agreement carefully and see if the offerings with respect to backup procedure, recovery system and so on meet your business specific requirements. The more you can rely on the provider, the better it will be for both your critical data as well as the overall functionality of your organisation.