You might easily shrug off the idea that over exposure to radiation coming from your phone could lead to cancer. You think that this is just propaganda to prevent people from progressing. You also think that you have used your phone for years and you still don’t suffer from the harmful effects of radiation.

Before you make that conclusion, you have to understand that the radiation coming from your phone is in small doses. It won’t lead to cancer, or any other diseases for that matter, right away. Instead, over time, it can accumulate until your cells become cancerous. It could lead to brain tumours or other problems.

Risk Of Getting Cancer from Over Exposure To Radiation Is Not A Hoax

Scientific Studies

If you still don’t believe that the use of phones over a long time can cause cancer, then just take a look at various studies conducted around the world. From Denmark to Sweden to the United States, these studies point to one thing – increased risk of cancer because of over exposure to radiation. Cancer research institutions have also pointed out the same conclusion. The risk is there and it is increased over time.

Better Safe than Sorry

Even if it is difficult for you to swallow this fact, it is in your best interest to stay protected. Take note that there are emf protection products that can be used to remain protected from the harmful effects of radiation. EMF means electromagnetic field radiation. This is quite strong and it usually comes from devices such as cellular phones. With the help of this product, EMF is blocked. As a result, it will bounce back and not penetrate your body. These products are worn as jewellery. They are even stylish. You won’t look weird just because you have an EMF pendant or bracelet.

Include your Kids Too

You might also want to buy this product for your kids. They are extremely vulnerable considering that their immune system is not as strong as that of adults. Their body parts are still developing. They are also using mobile devices just as much as you do. Kids these days are more technologically advanced. Therefore, it comes with a great risk if you just allow them to use the device without any protection at all.

In the end, you can say that you have done everything possible to protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of radiation. In today’s world where radiation is emitted almost everywhere, it is in your best interest to remain protected. These products are proven to be effective and are affordable. Thus, you have really nothing to lose if you just give them a try.

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