The South African HR landscape is being redefined by the impact of online recruiting and recruiters need to keep a close eye on these driving factors. Online South African job’s aggregator,, works in conjunction with companies and recruiters to ensure that they stay up to date with online trends whilst securing adequate talent for their company. As opposed to treating recruitment as a linear and another corporate process, it should be treated holist process – a live system influences by varying factors. Employers also need to consider varying factors in hiring new employees such as Employment Equity, BEE and the advent of online recruitment.

The Transformation Of The HR LandscapeEmployers and recruiters can capitalise on Zigo to expedite the employment process by offering them a CV database and the opportunity to advertise on a website that is easily accessible on mobile devices. One in three candidates signed to Zigo use their mobile devices to access the website and apply to jobs, meaning that employment needs to accommodate the mobile platform.

Recruitment is no longer a one way street where recruiters choose the best candidate from a bunch of applicants; it has evolved into recruiters marketing themselves and managing their online presence efficiently. The organisation needs to offer value to the potential employee, especially millennials who are challenging the “tick-box mentality”; career progression no longer relies on how long you have worked for a company but the diversity of one’s career needs to be taken into consideration. The online sphere has transformed recruitment into an art where relationship building is forged through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter.

Brand management for companies has exceeded simply looking good and having a nice logo, it’s about building reputational capital in collaboration with service providers, stakeholders and employees, encouraging them to act as brand ambassadors. The HR department in any organisation can no longer be a single entity, other departments need to collaborate to build a brand by providing the best HR jobs that is focussed on the client’s and recruiter’s personal experience.

Once employers and recruiters sign up to Zigo, their job adverts are disseminated to over 15 websites and in turn, the site aggregates jobs from South Africa’s leading job portals including Executive Placements and Job Placements.

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