Shopping for clothes is men’s worst nightmare. Hours spent on waiting room for a girlfriend in front of the dressing room are a waste of time for them. Men have a specific item in their mind they need to purchase, and it will take only half an hour, the most, to find and buy what they need. Little do they know how important it is for a certain piece of clothing to fit perfectly.

Tailoring: A Game Of Inches

How Men Shop

One of my friends told me that he had the best shopping day yesterday, because he managed to buy one type of shirt in five different colors. Score! Now he does not have to shop for at least three months. Moreover, he has also found a pair of jeans he had already had, only in a slightly lighter shade and he bought it without even trying them on. He just checked the size on the label and that was it. Need I say more? They are unbelievable. Not to mention that the jeans he had are more than wrong for him, and do not fit the way they should. He is 6’2’’ and they made him look like he is 5’8’’.

Dress to Impress

Even though men do not understand why women spend all that time on shopping, I must say it is a time well spent. If men invested only a half of that time in trying on clothes, there would not be so many guys out there looking ridiculous. It is crucial that every piece of clothing fits perfectly to a certain part of the body. If a pair of pants is longer than needed it will dwarf a man and make him look unflattering. Furthermore, put a too wide sweater on a man and he will look like the sloppiest man on earth.

Tailoring: A Game Of Inches

Tailoring is The Answer

Not every wardrobe hunting has to be a torture. The fashion industry has evolved so much over the years that the only thing we need to do is point finger on a thing we like and we can get it. The magic of Internet, ladies and gentlemen, is what I am talking about. Shopping online has become the part of our daily routine, one way, or another. We buy groceries, clothes, make-up, tools, furniture, and so much more via online stores. Therefore, stop tormenting yourself and find a perfect tailor to fit your needs.

A true professional can do wonders with your entire wardrobe. I admit, it is not easy to find a tailor nowadays, and much less a good one. However, if you do manage to discover his or her empire, make sure to be a regular costumer. A suit, a vest, a sweater, a pair of pants or a dress shirt, all of that will fit the best if it is custom tailored, or altered if needed. Now you will probably think that standing at some man’s shop, waiting for him to take all the measurements is far worse than having to put up with the horror of shopping. It does not have to be.

Tailoring: A Game Of Inches

Furthermore, online store iTailor gives men the opportunity to even do their own design of a preferred dress shirt, a suit, a vest, a pair of pants or even jeans. It has never been easier to shop for clothes. There is no need for you to go to a countless fittings or waste time at the mall. You will be able to pick your size, the fabrics you like, the length of the sleeves or pants; it is just a click away from the perfect wardrobe choice.

The way your clothes fit you will reflect your personality, without a doubt. It is a well-known fact people pass judgements on others based on their wardrobe and personal appearance. Trust me, nothing will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, the way a custom tailored wardrobe would. After all, it was made to fit exactly your body.

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