There are no two ways about the fact that well-tailored clothes make you look perfect. Let’s just say that 50 percent of your appearance is based on how you carry yourself and the other 50 percent is based on how well your clothes are and how well they fit you. No matter if you are at the office, in a meeting, on a date or at a party, you should wear perfectly fitting clothes because it not just accentuates your figure, but also enhances the right areas and hide the wrong ones. Now, you must be thinking how to recognize if a tailor is good at his craft or not. Don’t worry because here are a few steps that, if followed, can help you in finding the perfect tailor for you.

So, mentioned below is the list of the most important steps that you should take in order to find great tailors in Bangalore and elsewhere. According to the online tailors , these steps will certainly help you in finding the best tailor in your area so that you can get your best online custom suits in no time.

  1. Do Some Research Work

Try to read as much online as you can about the tailors in your area. Go to their stores and talk to them, talk to their customers. You can also ask your friend for help or you can also go to an apparel store to know more about those tailors.

  1. Call Them and Test Them

Call them and ask them about a few things like if they can shorten the sleeves of a jacket from its shoulder or something else equally tough. You will get to know if they are good or bad by the way they answer the question.

  1. Visit Their Store

Visit their store and look around to find out what all sewing equipment do they have and how much work they have. The more work they have, the better they are at their work. Also, you can find out how they treat the clothes of their customer. A bad tailor won’t keep your clothes in a good shape.

  1. Check the Work Done by Them

If your find their store to be neat and clean, then that is a very good sign. once you are convinced, move ahead and talk to the tailor. Ask him to show you a piece that he altered recently. Have a look at the details to know how fine his work is.

  1. Give Them a Test Run

Buy a cheap cloth and ask them to make a shirt or a top out of it. Make sure that that cloth shouldn’t be too expensive and you don’t mind making it the guinea pig.

  1. Trust Your Gut

You need to have a strong gut feeling to tell if the tailor is making a fool out of you or is he being honest. For that, you need to trust your guts and instincts.

  1. Build a Smooth Relation

If all these tests are passed by them, then you need to realize that they are the perfect tailor for you and this is what you wanted for your clothes to be perfect. Now, you just have to build a good relationship and rapport with them so that whenever you go to them, they give you the first priority.

If you are someone who has no time to go to the tailors then you can also opt for online tailoring. These modern tailors take orders for custom tailored suits online.

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