One of the best ways to gain information is blogs. You have a liability towards your body and you must take care of it. For instantly through blogs, you will get your hands on best health, fitness and medical advice. Thus reading blogs is the easiest and free method to get a bit of professional advice.

There are plenty of health blogs on the internet to choose which one is the best health blogs is a challenging task. Therefore never miss a chance to take benefit from the experience of these professionals. Every professional has something unique and beneficial for you. Take help from these health and fitness blogs to take care of your body and your loved ones.

20 Best Health Blogs

Here is a list of 20 best health blogs:

1. Fit Bottomed Girls

Is not it fun to live a happy and healthy life in a fun way? In short, it is easy to have an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle simultaneously. The fit bottomed girl is here to make it easy for you. Its post is very relatable to normal life this is the main reason why they are highly recommended. It covers a range of topics including parenthood, food, and relaxation. Both men and women can find this blog very useful.

2. Mindbodygreen

Next is the mindbodygreen blog which is all about nutrition and food. It is one of the best health and fitness blog. After reading this blog you can get your one track mind and have a lot of great ideas on how to improve the wellness of your body and mind. It covers topics including emotional and physical health along with spiritual health.

3. The Fit Foodie

With The Fit Foodie, you will know what is good to eat for your body and health. In particular, you will be able to have some of the great ideas on maintaining the taste of food while shifting from unhealthy eating to healthy one. Blogs show one of the most exciting pictures that play a great role in motivating his readers. Do not get confused apart from the food they also have some great tips on workout and latest style and fashion trends.

4. Precision Nutrition

Precision nutrition gives you important tips and tricks regarding nutrition. It is very important to know about good nutrition. Once you understand your diet only than you will be able to work for the wellness of your body. This wellness blog has some of the award-winning health coaching programs for its readers and for those who are interested.

5. My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal needs no introduction as it is run off one of the biggest brands and has a very strong back support. Apart from this, this blog is also famous due to its health and fitness resources. Besides some good tips like other blogs, you will also find powerful fitness tools in this blog.

6. Breaking Muscle

If you are looking for cardio, yoga or some bodybuilding information then go to breaking muscle. These amazing blogs give you insight information to great tips which can take your workout to a new level. This is a great blog for those who are looking for health and fitness blogs for beginners. You will find great pieces of information especially professional coaches and trainers guide.

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7. Real Food Real Deals

The best part about this blog is that its owner is a mother who is determined to feed her family with a healthy and natural diet. There is a four-point checklist to see whether the food you eat is real and healthy or not. Before you eat food to make sure that it fulfil on these criteria’s. Firstly, is recipe real and doesn’t contain highly processed ingredients, secondly is it easy to cook. Thirdly, check its affordability and finally, look for its flavor.

8. Gluten-Free Girl

Gluten is the enemy of your health and with awareness, many people try to avoid gluten-containing food. Read the Gluten-Free Girl blog to learn from the firsthand experience writer. And learn from her experience how to say bye-bye to gluten-containing food and welcome gluten-free food for a healthy living.

9. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

All of you are familiar with the term carrot and stick but the writer here uses carrot and cake strategy to motivate you to change your lifestyle and try to adopt healthy living. Try to find the balance in your life and use the carrot strategy means go for healthy living. However, the term cake represents it is not harmful if once in a while you have a cheat day. The important thing is to find balance in life.

10. The Minimalists

The minimalist as its name says is having cut down and removing anything that is harmful to your body and is an enemy to your peace of mind. The blog focuses on changing your attitude as the key to a great life lies in your attitude. With the minimalist approach, you will have more freedom and more time to focus on your life and what matters in your life.

11. Mentality WOD

Mental health is as important as your physical health. Mentality WOD works on this principle and focuses on improving one’s mental health by sorting out their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and attitude. In brief, this blog is not just about workout routines but it tries to focus on mental health coupled with an improved way of living.

12. Fitting It All In

One can safely say that fitting all in is one of the best health blogs of 2019. This blog is helpful for those who are suffering from an eating disorder. Conversely for those looking for some good eating tips can also take help from the blog. It writer is a certified health coach and share some great tips to regain health.

13. Avocadu

The main motto of Avocadu is to promote “Healthy living from inside out”. They try to help people find a good way to lining healthier, recipes and food guide to great body and workout tips instead of taking help from some baffling sites.

14. Naturally Savvy

Researches show the importance of organic food. Therefore Naturally Savvy spread awareness regarding organic food and shows the power of herbs and natural food. Eliminate toxic food from your life and appreciates the importance and presence of organic living in your life. You will also learn about the medical importance of many herbs and how they can be used against certain diseases.

15. Fitful Focus

If you get disheartens and demotivate by people regarding your weight loss journey than visit Fitful Focus and boost your confidence by learning bloggers personal journey. To summarize their blog they say get fit, stay focused and be full. If you follow these golden rules there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving your goal. Learn about vegan food, abs workout, and the abs diet for men, and much more.

16. Happy Fit Mama

Happy Fit Mama is for those who are looking for great exercise options especially mothers and runners. All running options whether they are related to treadmill run or outdoor run you will easily find them here. According to blogger, the main thing is the passion for running. Besides running you will get to know about the health supplements, yoga, family time and healthy cooking.

17. Well+Good

On Well+Good blog all the latest information about the wellness, traveling and natural energy supplement is available. You will learn the trick to managing modern life along with maintaining your natural beauty, eating nutritious food and keep up with the latest trends in fashion. This blog is all about a healthy lifestyle blog.

18. The Fitnessista

Life becomes so busy that it is quite a challenging task to find time for yourself. I am sure many of you think that it is not possible to keep up with your wellness with tons of work in hand but The Fitnessista is here for your rescue. You will learn about some great and quick workouts, recipes and stories of life as a mom. Which can help you to complete your work and take care of yourself at the same time?

19. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga and its benefits are well known to everyone. But yoga is beneficial only if you do it with a proper plan and in a correct way. Yoga with Adriene solve this problem and you can learn yoga while staying at home. It includes a range of yoga from simple stretching to kick-starting digestion after a meal. Learn about some great tips regarding yoga for weight loss for beginners.

20.  Love Sweet Fitness

Lastly, we have Love Sweet Fitness for those who want to sweet off a few pounds. Blogger motivates people through her own weight loss journey. There are many excellent workouts and recipes for beginners. Besides this, she also has articles on seasonal music playlist, travel journey and beauty hacks for readers.

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Final Words

I am sure after reading this article you will find an answer to your question of 20 best health blogs. We try our best to bring change in your life in a healthy and a positive way.