Dear iPhone users, if you have a device which is currently under Bypass iCloud Activation lock and you cannot use it properly then we have great news for you. Now, if you are not able to go to official Apple store or you simply cannot afford it in order to remove the iCloud lock, there is a new hack tool for Bypass iCloud activation lock screen.

With this tool you can easily get rid of the security feature Find my iPhone and remove the iCloud locked account.

This hack tool for iCloud lock removal is now available for free download and use only on our website and you can get it for free from the provided download links bellow.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool

This hack tool works directly from Apple’s main database servers. It does not matter if your iPhone is reported as stolen/lost or it is with blacklisted IMEI. It can remove the iCloud lock from all.

The official Bypass iCloud lock tool supports all iPhone models regardless of which iOS or broad band they use. We constantly update it in order to keep in touch with the changes Apple introduces in the latest firmware updates.

This hack tool has been tested by thousands of users and in case you are concerned it is completely free of viruses.

As we mentioned above it is available as freeware so feel free to download it and use it.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone

  • From the download icon link bellow get the tool on your PC
  • Unzip it and install it
  • Make sure that your iPhone and PC are connected, click on Start and select the model of the device which you want to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock
  • Now wait a bit until the initialization process is completed
  • After that your iPhone will be automatically rebooted
  • Set your iPhone parameters
  • Congratulations , now your iPhone is iCloud unlocked and you can normally use it

This is really an incredible tool. So if you are in need of Bypass iCloud Activation tool do not hesitate and download it for free.

This tool as you can see is extremely easy to use. It does not take a lot of time and what is more important it is completely free.

So if you have Bypass iCloud Lock iPhone then do not hesitate and download the official iCloud bypass activation lock screen tool now!!!