Hair is natural fixtures that make us beautiful. We tend the lovely manes on our head into attractive hairstyles. Our fashioned eyebrows add refinement and grace to facial features. Yet, unwanted hair is a nuisance. They may be on your face, arms, legs or bikini area.

The problem is, hair removal techniques have different application at different spots. Hair removing methods for legs are not used on the face. One cannot use depilating machines on the bikini area.

Best hair removal for women also depends on the texture of hair. Fine hair is removable by hair removing soaps. Coarse hair may need permanent hair removal methods. So it is not a one size fits all situation for everyone. Best ways to remove hair caters to temporary and permanent solutions. So adopt whatever suits your budget and convenience.

Best ways to Remove Hair – Temporary and Permanent

Who does not want silky smooth skin that lasts for days? Caught in busy schedules and hectic routines, women of today want to look her best every minute. She knows it is a competitive world and she has to embrace every occasion with full zeal and enthusiasm.

best way to remove hair


Perfect looks add to her confidence and self-poise. The wonder woman of today conquers the world with such complementary traits. So she might work on her weight issues by adopting a very low-calorie diet for weight loss. At the same time, she works on her beauty regimes.

Body hair might not pose a threat for men whose main problem may involve how to lose belly fat fast. But body hair takes away the delicacy from a female look.

Permanent methods of hair removal are the ultimate solution, they need many sessions.

Temporary methods help in maintaining smooth skin during such intervals. They make use of either depilation or epilation.

  • Depilation refers to methods that involve removing the hair from the skin surface.
  • Epilation means hair removal methods along with the follicle. The latter ensures whole hair removal.

Depilationmay last several hours to weeks, depending on the kind of method applied. Almost painless, these methods include:

  • shaving or trimming
  • hair removal by friction method
  • depilatories

Epilation last weeks to months. A bit painful but a lasting solution to hair removal.

  • threading or tweezing
  • waxing
  • epilation devices

Permanent forms of hair removal are expensive and time-consuming. Appointments at aesthetic clinic deprive you of any privacy. Yet these methods are becoming popular with women because of their lasting results. The laser can help you get glowing skin too. Some of them include

  • electrolysis
  • laser hair removal
  • flashlamps

Permanent hair removal methods also include non-invasive remedies as medications. These include

  • oral medications
  • topical preparations

The afore-mentioned are available by prescription only.

These are some of the best ways to remove hair recommended by experts.  There are other temporary and permanent methods including invasive and non-invasive techniques. But either they are in experimental phase or not recommended. Reasons being their non-efficiency and low safety margins.

The Effectiveness of some of the Best Ways to Remove Hair

Temporary hair removing methods has variant efficiency depending upon the body spot. For example, leg hair removal requires a method that exerts a sturdy pull on the hair.

There is a wide range of hair removing products for women in the market. It ranges from DIY hair removal creams to Brazilian hair removal cream. If you have sensitive skin, not every product may suit you. Hair removal method should cater to your skin sensitivity as well as the pain threshold. Read on to know the effectiveness of each hair removal method.

  1. Depilation

Shaving or Trimming

Shaving and trimming are the most prevalent and inexpensive methods of hair removal. They are almost painless. You can do them in the privacy of your home or on the go as long as you have a razor with you. Yet, it is not a lasting solution for smooth and silky skin.

Shaving and trimming can cause razor burns. Their regular use also gives rise to ingrown hair. Razor is not one of the best ways to remove hair.

Chemical depilation

These include chemical depilatories available in gel, cream, lotion, aerosol, and roll-on forms. They contain chemical ingredients that dissolve the keratin in the hair follicle. The process makes it easier to scrape off the hair. Certainly a painless and one of the best ways to remove hair in a short time.

Depilatory methods may last you few days.  There are special creams available for facial hair. Inexpensive and painless method of arm hair removal. In case you are wondering how to get rid of leg hair without shaving. Chemical depilatory solutions are best. This method requires caution as regards sensitive skin.

Friction method

This method of hair removal employs pumice stone or hair removal mittens. An inexpensive and speedy way to get your skin smooth as this method also exfoliates your skin. One of the best ways to remove hair from legs and arms.

  1. Epilation

best way to remove hair

These methods make use of tweezers, thread or epilatory devices. Tweezing usually takes care of a few numbers of hair, particularly on the chin and eyebrows. They are not meant for large areas. Threading is good for eyebrows, upper lips, and chin. However, both of these methods may cause skin damage in case of sensitive skin.

If you want a faster epilation method involving large areas, go for waxing. It is almost a painless procedure if done by expert hands. It leaves your skin with lasting smoothness for a few weeks. The method may also slow down the regrowth as it weakens the hair follicle with regular use.

Epilator devices work as tweezers. They are usable on legs and arms, even underarms. But hair needs to be of a certain length for efficient epilation. Moreover, it gives rise to ingrown hair and irritation of sensitive skin.

  1. Permanent methods


It is by far the oldest and one of the best ways to remove hair permanently. Certain glitches are making it the least preferred choice among women. Electrolysis is painful. It is best used when done on small areas as chin and upper lips. The method requires a lot of skill. If done by unpracticed hands, it leads to skin damage, scarring, and even infection. The method is not 100% foolproof. Cases of regrowth have emerged.


The laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle and destroys it as a whole. It is fast becoming the preferred method of hair removal despite being expensive. It is less painful than electrolysis. Some women claim they experienced no pain at all.

A long-lasting protocol that causes hair reduction and even, permanent hair removal in some cases. One of the best way to remove hair from large areas as legs and arms. An efficient solution to reducing hair from the face, bikini line, and pubic area. Few minutes of laser gives lasting results for months after some sessions. As the pigment attracts the laser, so women with dark hair and fair skin get the most benefit.

Flash lamps or IPL

IPL uses the light of different intensity to weaken the hair follicle. It works in the same way as the laser does. One of the best ways to remove hair.

  1. Oral medications and topical solutions

Topical remedies like Vaniqa may work to reduce the hair. They require regular use which, some women find cumbersome. Their effectiveness varies from case to case. Said to reduce 60% of facial hair growth, regrowth occurs if treatment discontinues. Such medications act as an adjunct to best ways to remove hair.

Oral medications like spironolactone and flutamide work to balance your hormonal profile. These drugs require a prescription. Clinical signs and symptoms of hirsutism benefit a lot with these drugs. However, they cause side effects. So go for the oral option only if the benefits outweigh the side effects.

The recommended method of hair removal according to the body site

Now you know some of the best ways to remove hair from the body. Let us have a sneak peek at some of the hair removal remedies for different body sites. Some of us have sensitive skin. Our skin is also more sensitive in some parts than others. So you might find yourself adapting to different methods according to

  • body site
  • skin sensitivity level
  • your pain threshold
  • time available

Facial Hair

To remove facial hair, the best methods include epilation as threading and waxing. For small areas as eyebrows and upper lips, threading works best. For chin and jawline, hot wax is the best solution. Waxing not only acts swiftly and cleanly, but it also acts as a massage maneuver.

Depilatory methods are not recommended because they do not cater to finesse.

For a permanent solution, laser therapy brings lasting comfort. If you can afford it, the laser is the preferable choice.  Concurrent oral medication with laser therapy works wonder in cases of diagnosed hirsutism.

Arms, underarms, and legs

Shaving delivers a temporary solution. If you are short on time, opt for shaving your arms, underarms, and legs. Otherwise, waxing or epilation with a device is the best ways to remove hair from these areas.

Bikini lines and pubic area

These are the most sensitive and tricky areas to remove hair from. Again, shaving provides a temporary remedy. For lasting comfort and ease, waxing is one of the best ways to remove hair from the bikini area.

The bikini area is safe for laser hair removal, contrary to common belief. It is better to shave the area before laser therapy because the laser can target the hair follicle and destroy the root. Make sure to apply a sun protection cream to the treated area after a laser session.

The laser is expensive yet a cost-effective treatment. A long-term investment for a fuzz-free skin. It simplifies your beauty regime. Laser minimizes the hassle of everyday threading and weekly waxing protocols. There are possible side effects as burning or discoloration. Do not take a risk and get it done by a professional aesthetic doctor.

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