With the increasing number of businesses realizing the importance of online visibility, the rate of website development has also increased. Competition is not only restricted to the quality of products and services, but online appearance is equally an important feature for business growth. Hence, web design trends keep on changing over the years. Beautiful graphics, high-resolution images though continued to be the important characteristics; it’s time to take up much more sophisticated designer approaches. Web design needs to be more interactive and that is where Parallax Scrolling enters. This is a trick which has the ability to gain maximum attention through a refined visual and technical element.

About Parallax Scrolling

Though created in 2011, Parallax scrolling can still be considered as a recent entree in the creative website designing front. This technique has the capability to make your website lively and extremely engaging. The parallax effect comprises of background that moves but slower than the elements located in the foreground scene. The sense of depth and motion creates the illusion of 3D effect using HTML5 and CSS3. Parallax scrolling offers memorable web experience to the users. This method has also been used for video gaming.

Navigation friendly is one of the most positive features of this web design. Ordinary websites have numerous pages but in Parallax design, everything is found in one organized page. There are links distributed along the site and clicking on anyone will take you to the requested section.

Benefits of Parallax Scrolling

Creative, modern and cool – that’s what this form of design offers to the websites. Other than these there are many other benefits of this technology.

  • If your website does not have much information to provide, this is the design you should opt for. Parallax Scrolling can liven up a boring design with floating images and a flat page turns more vivid and catchy.
  • If you are planning to build an interactive web design in South Florida or anywhere else, this is the technique you need to follow. Parallax Scrolling can develop great public engagement for a website that ordinary design cannot bring.
  • If you want lead for your website, the style and beauty of this technique can ensure such requirement. The design gives a clean and inviting information route to the users.
  • If you want to retain visitors to your website for a longer span of hours, change your design. This can increase your overall website traffic as well.
  • The 3D effect can create effect, where you can design with some icons that move, few can expand or even minimize on the basis of scrolling.

Few Cons of Parallax Scrolling

Though visually this form of designing is attractive but there are a few flaws. For instance, the site conversion rate can fall due to excessive embedding into the code. This adds additional weight to the website. This form of designing is not ideal for mobile website because it eats up too much of internet data, since the content takes too much time to load. However, long scrolling can irritate the users and they can leave the website.

Then again, every design has its negative side. Parallax Scrolling can tell your visitors everything about the company in a storytelling mode. This nature has placed the web design at the forefront of the market. So, if you are a creative designer, it’s time to go with the flow and give Parallax Scrolling a thought!