College is always associated with fun, carelessness and new friends. Despite this opinion, there are undergraduates who do not possess much time for entertaining, and this is due not only to their zest for study, but also to something even more huge. Nearly a quarter of students have small kids to raise. Moreover, there are women who are forced to take care of kids on their own and do not get help from parents or spouses. Unfortunately, colleges do not offer solutions for young moms and dads to balance parenting with education successfully.

Said otherwise, this is your charge to think out how to deal with your issue. First, talk to your dean. It is fine to inform the board and professors that you require more flexible schedule and some indulgence in your studies. Moreover, the dean will provide all the detail about support to young parents which is available at your college. Do not be intimidated to tell the professors why you are absent at some classes and why you need an extension for a paper or an exam.

Then it is obligatory to sit and count how much money you can possible spare for childcare. A decent day care facility might be available even on campus, and will eagerly look after your offspring during the classes. Mind that some institutions may set an age range for the applying kids, so you need to be sure about this. The second option is babysitting that is usually cheaper but sometimes unreliable. Anyway, if you manage to find a trustworthy person, you should probably go with this option.

Raising A Child While At College

Remember one thing: there is no shame in asking for aid. This includes your parents or other family members, who can babysit your kid for a while, fellow-students who can share their notes of the lectures you skipped, and professional advisors – when you want to consult about the study load and schedule. There are also many web-resources where you can ask for help. The site offers well-written essays and researches in any subject. Such service may prove useful when you are pressed for time, and the deadline is approaching.

Combining parenting and studying can be hard, but it is also beneficial. Spend time with your kid whenever possible. If you can take it around campus or even to some classes, do not neglect this opportunity. Overall, you are a student only for some four years, but you will be called a parent till the end of your days.