You don’t have to be a European to appreciate a bidet. There really is no more hygienic way to clean up a toilet after using. If you are interested in reaping the benefits of a bidet in your own bathroom, then you might want to consider the simplicity of a bidet toilet seat install. Here are some pros and cons to guide you through that decision:


  • Ease of Installation

    Perhaps the most obvious advantage to installing a bidet toilet seat is the fact that you can forego the much larger task of installing a traditional bidet. Bidet toilet seats are lightweight and portable, and therefore easy to install wherever you want.

  • Cost

    Simply put, bidet toilet seats can costs a lot less than traditional bidet units. Take some time to shop around before you choose a product; it’s likely you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save by choosing a new toilet seat over a new bidet.

  • Features

    Bidet toilet seats are often called “advanced toilet seats” for good reason. They come packed with features! When you explore your bidet toilet seat options, you’ll be pleased to find that you have many great elements to choose from, so that you can create the exact bidet experience you want in your bathroom: heated seat, deodorizer, soft seat, automatically closing seat, remote control, water pressure adjustments, oscillating and/or pulsating water stream, and single, dual, or multiple nozzles, among others.

The Pros And Cons Of Installing A Bidet Toilet SeatCons:

  • You may still need to Hire a Plumber

    Depending on which bidet toilet seat model you purchase, you may still have to invest in the services of a qualified plumber for the installation when it comes to powering the seat. If this can’t be simply done with the knowledge, tools, and skill that you have (or by simply plugging it in, see below), you will have to come out of pocket for a plumber.

  • Electrical outlet may needed

  • Keeping the electrical need in mind, it’s possible you will have to have access to an electrical outlet to power your bidet toilet seat. This may not be an option for you, if there’s not one ready and waiting in your toilet chamber and if you do happen to have one in the right place, you may find that the look of a plugged-in toilet seat is less than pleasing to the eye.

If you are interested in having a bidet in your bathroom but are less than enthusiastic about putting such a huge investment of time, money, and energy into a renovation project, then you should be pleased to know that a bidet toilet seat can be a practical option. Just consider these pros and cons and make sure you read reviews when deciding whether or not to go that route.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons