Depression kills any shadow of motivation, energy, interest, and concentration.  However, feelings aren’t fueled by our logical brains.  I have felt many times that I no longer have the strength to move on, to fight for everything I want, it is easy for someone to say “make changes to your lifestyle. Sometimes it is difficult to Navigating motivation when depressed. Here are the some of the tips help you to fight against depression.

Tips For Becoming Motivated When Feeling Depressed

Ask for Help

Some of us fail to get together in harder times. And without motivation or energy, it’s even harder. Ask for help from a trusted person. Ask your partner to join yoga, psychologist or massage session in advance, to feel motivated to go.

Start with light Tasks

Try to set goals at the beginning to get the satisfaction of the work done. With time, you can grow progressively until you reach the desired level, but do not rush! Every effort requires perseverance and patience.  Try to get out of the sphere of thoughts that prompted you to indulge in this state, and now it seems like you are urging yourself to create too big obstacles, so you can fail again.  if your time is not your friend and you may have to fulfill a task with a deadline.

Imagine how you will feel after finishing things

Taking a shower, going for a walk, preparing lunch or dinner or going out with a friend is a very difficult task.  If you focus on the effort it takes. Depressed people have low self-sufficiency, meaning they have little confidence in their own ability to carry out their tasks.  Reduce your expectations and imagine what you will feel after finishing what you have to do, just how you feel during the task itself.

Set your Goal

When you’re depressed, it’s normal to lose interest in things that once made you happy. Comedies do not make you laugh, the sport is no longer fun, time spent with friends is no longer of interest. Anxiety, depression and self-contempt take control, making you feel indifferent and defiant. That’s why when you do something “fun” or “active” doing it in order to do it, not to enjoy the action yourself.

Appreciate your Own Courage to get Out of Comfort

No matter how painful it may be, depression can become quite comfortable, a kind of “known bad”. You know what to expect, for the most part. You know the pain, you will know tomorrow will be pretty much the same. The idea of getting out of your comfort area can be quite a big challenge. Steven Hayes, an appreciated psychologist, said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” So if you do something different (even with very little), congratulate yourself.  so it is good to take courage and try to repeat such experiences in your journey.

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