With age, our brain’s ability to process information faster and thinking capabilities tend to decline. That is a scientific fact but is there nothing that can be done about it? There is always a workaround to every problem in this day and age.

When we are young, our brains usually are quick to generate ideas and in order to act we require lots of them. We often improvise, at times innovate, given the situation and circumstances we find ourselves. What we fail to realize is that we owe our cognitive functions to our brain.

Thus, how can we educate our aging brain? Read on to find out below.

Millimeter Away

According to this concept, it is said that Cristiano Ronaldo is only a millimeter away from scoring that goal or hitting the ball into the goal post. Your success often lies on either side of the millimeter spectrum. So next time you feel a million miles away from your desired goal, remember it’s only a millimeter away from getting your hands on it.

With this philosophy in mind, you will train your brain to never fall short of success. Many supermodels believe in the millimeter away model, even Tiger Woods himself has stated that the success of hitting the golf ball into the hole or water is on either side of his swinging club, and is at a millimeter’s distance.

Build Your Rejection Rate

This does not mean that you should deliberately try to curb your chances of acceptance, it instead means that if you are ever rejected, consider it as an increment to your rejection rate. This is psychological really but if you could shape your thinking in such a manner, you will never feel disappointed again.

Hence, if your college application is turned down or the girl you wanted to ask out denies to go out to prom night with you or your job application is rejected, don’t go into a downward spiral but tell yourself that I have a rejection rate like no other! This will yield a positive influence on your brain for it will stay alive & fit.

A day will come when your brain muscles will have become so strong that no rejection will matter and eventually you will get a response in the affirmative, from someone or someplace you thought was out of your league.

Be Prepared To Welcome The Negativity

Embracing the negative has its own perks. Although, the statement has a negative connotation but if you look it from another perspective, you will see that negativity encircle our lives; left, right and center. Therefore, if you don’t learn to welcome negativity in life, you are bound to stay unhappy/unsatisfied in life, and I mean a lot!

The need is to rewire your brain in such a way that negative situation should be considered a mere hiccup in your path to realizing your goals and living your dreams. I know, it is easier said than done but you have got no choice, do you? Our brains have evolved over a period of millions of years and by default, we are vulnerable to delving into negative situations more rather than rising above them.

Experiment with different labels when you face negative situations because these are in actual lessons and YOU, tend to label them as negative ones. In future, if such a situation arises tell yourself “it’s a rainy day today, why shouldn’t I stay home and make myself a hot cup of cocoa and perhaps ring an old friend or watch my favorite movie?”

Don’t Follow Others Blindly

We all have the tendency to get carried away or swept off of our feet by the charisma or charm of other people. They may be successful, better looking, wealthy, smooth talkers, sharp and/or educated but remember they have reached this point surpassing struggles of their own and brain challenges of their own too.

Choose to be a leader in place of a follower. There are many followers but seldom are there any leaders. You have to tune your brain in a manner where you can prove your worth to others and bring value to wherever you go. You can be a doer and a knowledgeable person too. Set an example, why follow others when you can become a brand of your own?

This thirst for excellence will never let your brain age or die down, for that matter. Help others, be a mentor to some. There are always things that you do better than anyone else. Teach them that skill without them asking you first.

Point being, don’t let your life become something that is being governed by the opinion of others and not your own. essay services UK can be acquired online. The first step, however, towards achieving this feat is by taking charge of your thinking patterns.

Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity mindset never lets you rest. The mind frame is that when you have more of everything, you will be happy and content. The truth of the matter is that by having less of everything, you can be more focused and instead give to the society in more than one way imaginable. The want for material pursuits hinders your ability to think clearly and that is primarily why our brain ages before time.

Thus, if you find yourself the victim of scarcity mindset, remember to not succumb to it instead train your brain to contribute towards the underprivileged classes of the society because there are people who are even deprived of the basic necessities so if you have that extra money to fulfill your wants then you better add value by working for the greater good of the society.

The effort to pull yourself into another direction despite having the means to grab it is the art few have mastered. This keeps the mind in check whether or not it is still on track or has drifted away.

If You Always Wanted To Do Something, Better Do It

If you always wanted to be a singer or a filmmaker, you better get right to it. It is because until you get to it, your mind will keeping popping up excuses in front that will keep your most innate desire at bay. There is nothing like the right time that you wait for in your head. Stop now, the right time will never arrive. Just act and that decision rests solely with you. Once you have decided, your mind will devise certain measures to help you navigate past the challenges en route and in the end, you will have your way.

Failure Is Only The Stepping Stone

Failure breeds success. Failure allows you to experiment and in turn, you find out which way will not work in order to achieve that goal. Not taking the same road is the trick here because if you do that means you haven’t learned a thing.

Again, your aging brain will tell you that you are no good for this world that your birth was the darkest chapter in the world’s history and all sorts of crap but that is where you should resist the trap of falling into depression. I say this because if you don’t fight it, it is bound to consume you at one point or another.


So hey brain, stay with me, you ain’t old, not yet. Hope the advice above helps you in educating your brain to be at its best no matter what the circumstances.

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