Nothing portrays elegance more than a carefully applied eye lash and more so, one that carefully blends to the skin tone and the occasion at hand. Fake eyelashes are a thing now and with a good reason, they exaggerate the natural eye lash appearance with such uniqueness and perfection that complements the entire facial makeup. With reference to false eye lashes, below is a list of some of the top trending color-themed designs.

1. Red Tinsel eye lashes

These eye lashes consist of tinsel and portray nothing short of flirty attribute. They add glamour and faun to the body’s natural eye lashes and of course, they are red as the name suggests. What’s more, they are self adhesive, which means that they are easy to apply and consequently easy to remove. They are also not toxic. If you want to attend a colorful event, the Brazilian Carnival festival perhaps, then this is your ticket to rocking the occasion.

2. The Electric party eye lashes

Another pair of smoking eye lashes. These eye lashes are emerald green and also have an adhesive attribute. They can easily be stuck over the natural eye lashes for that shouldering effect. It is ideal for indoor functions or ceremonies with a lot of electric light effects. Typical examples would include night parties or raves of course. The next time you want to attend any of these social occasions, you might want to consider this pair eye lashes for a dramatic look.

3. Blood drop eyelashes

The name may sound creep but the look on the other hand can create an alluring and dashing appearance to the whole face. This pair of eye lashes are a combination of black and blood red colors. The black color is visible from the base of the lashes up to the mid section from where the red hue takes over. What make this lash unique are the tips of red dots that resemble blood drops on the tips of the eye lashes. These eye lashes are good for color themed occasions such as Halloween parties.

4. Orange Tinsel eyelashes

Many eye makeup ideas circulate around the eye brows, the water line and the eye lids by emphasizing more on deep color tones but this eye lash creates a different effect, on the eye lashes no less. It comes with a warm orange hue that can blend with a majority of light colored outfits. Like many other false eye lashes, it is also adhesive; easy to put on and remove at the same time. In addition, it is made of synthetic materials that are not toxic to the eyes.

5. The Gold eyelid jewels

These eye lashes are golden in color just as the name suggests. It features a row of crystalline looking pieces of small gold like jewels that are self adhesive. They can easily be attached to the eye lids. However, adorning the natural eyelashes in this particular piece of eye lash is highly dependent on the skin tone. Avoid it if you are dark skinned because it can create a sharp contrast with your normal skin tone not to mention the probability of creating a weird and ridiculous look.

6. Minky lashes

The Minky eye lashes have been there for some times but still continue to impress and that explains why it is in this list. These lashes may not be real in actual sense but are real when it comes to replicating the actual human eye lashes. They come in different shapes and sizes suitable for most occasions but most importantly, suitable for all types of natural eye lash designs. In addition, they also come with tutorials on how to put them on.

7. Rainbow Tinsel eyelashes

If you are tired of single-tone color lashes, rainbow eyelashes are a perfect option and as such one of the trending eye makeup ideas. Basically, these eyelashes combine all the colors of the rainbow spectrum and as a result are good for colorful occasions. What’s more, it can complement any skin tone. The next time you intend to attend an Olympics competition or cheer your favorite sports team, be sure to dazzle in these pair of eye lashes if you so fancy them.


The aforementioned compiled list is not conclusive but just a guideline as to the universally trending eye makeup tips. With majority of them, you can be guaranteed of an instant impact in any social domain. The decision, of course lies with you but it is advisable to choose an eye lash that blends seamlessly with your skin tone and most importantly, can accentuate your eyes and the accompanying makeup.

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