Every girl in this world has a little black dress in her closet that she loves but is never too sure how to make the most of. The little black dress is the most versatile and ideal piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. There are ways to rock the dress almost every single day and on every kind of occasion. In fact, once you are through reading this, you will want to buy a black dress for every day of the week!

Black dresses come in several different styles, and there are many ways to wear them. You can amp it up or down depending on the time and occasion.

Look 1-Casual

Wear the little black dress by pairing it with a cardigan, scarf layers and tights along with a pair of flats, sneakers or ankle boots.

Look 2-Casual

Rock your black dress with converse sneakers, a cross-shoulder satchel, some nice pair of shades and a simple necklace. This could be your perfect on the go look.

Look 3- Professional

This is the perfect look to wear to work on that date right after work. Keep it minimal, and you can rock a sexy, classy day at work. Use minimal details and accessories to keep it chic and subtle. Nude high heels, a black clutch and a pop of red lipstick. This is sure to make your date swoon and help you deliver your style statement at work!

Look 4- Professional

Rocking that perfect little black dress begins from the very beginning when you go out to buy one for yourself. If you have the right silhouettes and cuts, you know you will have the perfect dress that doesn’t need anything to top it up. Buy a dress that speaks to you. One with the perfect cut, classy cut that complements your body. Make sure the dress is not too loose or too tight. To look fabulous make sure you have a perfect balance.

Look 5- Evening

To spice up your outfit of the evening, add some bling to your black dress. A lovely shiny, golden brooch on your black dress you wear every day, and statement jewelry will make heads turn on your night out. You can rock this look at a fancy event or a night out with the girls.

Look 6- Evening

Wear a classy, over the shoulder wrap or jacket with a smooth sexy fabric to amp up your black dress and make it look fancy. Pair it with pearls or cute chunky earrings to complete your look.

Look 7- Anywhere, Anytime (Preppy)

Here is a look you can carry anywhere, everywhere and for whatever occasion! This could be the perfect solution to a day when you have everything crammed back to back. You can get yourself ready in the morning without having to worry about carrying along a change of clothes for your next plan when you are out and about.

All you have to do is throw on a beautiful black (or any other monochrome colored) tuxedo jacket, with a pair of leggings. Top it off with oxfords or loafers for the perfect preppy look.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a black dress


  1.  Accessorize it

Do you feel like your black dress just isn’t ‘oomph’ enough to get you going? Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Get creative by summoning the inner fashionista in you. You can forge through your supply of accessories to get the perfect bling to go with your outfit. Almost everything works perfectly with little black dresses!

Here are some ideas you can go with to style up or down your dress according to the occasion!

If you have a simple sleeveless, tank top or tube short black dress you can pair it up with so many things to make it casual.

Black dresses go hand in hand with almost any type of shoes, jewelry or coats. You just need to know when and what to pair them with. Head over to some online clothing boutique stores right now to grab trendy accessories and foolproof footwear to complement your little black dresses. Revolve and Lulu’s are the best available option. However, you can also try Sophie and Trey.



For that perfect daytime look, pair up your little black dress with long boots, ankle boots, sneakers, converse and even ballet flats if you like as long as it provides the correct symmetry and proportion. With short black dresses, you can wear almost any type of shoes- long or ankle. For long maxi style black dresses, however, the perfect look can be created using ankle high boots or sneakers.


Keeping in mind the cut of your little black dress, you can pair it up with myriads of jackets and cardigans. From crop cut jackets to denim, blue jackets or a long overcoat or cardigan almost anything works for a casual look with your black dress! Bomber or army jackets and boyfriend/ button-down shirts are also very cool with black dresses.


For casual wear, you can choose almost any kind of bling. Avoid chunky bracelets, necklaces or earrings. They can be slightly too much for a casual day out. However, you can always pair your monochromatic dress with chunky bangles during the day!

Evening/ Preppy


For the perfect date night or a preppy day, you can accessorize your black dress with high heels, stilettos, nude heels and even over the knee boots.


For an evening look, you can throw on a cute tuxedo coat. Leather jacket or a beautiful fur coat would work as well. The difference between a casual and evening look is the fabric and texture of the jacket or coat.


In the evening, you can accessorize your black dress with everything and anything you weren’t allowed to for your casual look! Just make sure you do not wear them all at once. Keep it minimal by pairing your dress with either a chunky necklace or earrings along with a bracelet to represent your fashion statement in the classiest way possible!

  1. Experiment with silhouettes
  2. Play with the fabric.
  3. Add color to your all-black look.
  4. Wear fitted black clothes. Black should never be worn loose as it already gives a drab and frumpy look.


  1. Wear black clothes when you spot lint. It is time to throw them out.
  2. Wear black too close to your face. It might make you look a bit haggard.
  3. Wear fabrics that are inappropriate for the season.

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