There are hundreds of jobs when it comes to health and fitness roles. Fitness is a big industry, and so is health, which is why you will also find nurse practitioner jobs in your search for a health and fitness role. You have the options to work for professional sports teams, local gyms, or in the healthcare industry with the many different nurse practitioner careers available, and all of the jobs can provide the experience you need to setup your own business. The health and fitness industry is huge at the moment, which is why there are thousands of jobs available in different sectors. If you are interested in a career to do with health and fitness, have a look at the few career ideas below.


Career Ideas For Those Who Want To Help People With Health and Fitness

A nutritionist is a good career in the sense that it can be a career in a variety of industries from sports clubs to owning your own business. The salary benefits are pretty good and can exceed an annual salary of $50,000. Being a nutritionist involves assessing particular foods scientifically to come up with a plan for the patient to follow.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers can earn a good salary, depending on the company and industry they work in. This job gives employees the opportunity to work in a variety of industries from healthcare and local gyms, to starting their own professional personal training business. The options are endless for personal trainers.

Physical Education Teacher

The health and fitness industry is huge and is generally a part of a lot of other industries. For example, you could opt to be a physical education teacher and teach sports to young and older students. This gives you the opportunity to not only teach sports, but it also gives you the experience of working in a school, college, or university. An average salary of $50,000 is available for Physical Education Teachers.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Working alongside the Physical Therapist, the Physical Therapy Assistant will provide assistance in the recovery of a patient’s injury. Usually this will involve coming up with a recovery plan for the patient to abide by and set targets for the patient to achieve. Subject to experience, a Physical Therapy Assistant can expect to earn $54,000-$62,000 per year, depending on the state and company they work for.

Physical Therapist

As with a physical therapy assistant, a Physical Therapist will also help with the recovery of certain patient injuries. They have a little more responsibility in the sense they will be the ones that offer advice to patients and come up with a plan that suits their specific injury. They get paid a bit more than assistants, and can expect to earn an average salary of up to $72,000.

The above are just some of the many health and fitness careers available, and you will find there are a lot more niche based careers available depending on the industry you want to work in. All of the above jobs require experience and degrees, and depending on the state you practice in, will also require licenses.

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