Now that you have your desired luxury car, you need to upgrade the rest of your attire to the next level. What is the sense in driving your Lamborghini or Ferrari if you are still wearing a suit from a department store? Likewise, your jewelry needs to reflect your new status in life.

If you have already invested in a top of the line car, it is time to invest in a top of the line timepiece. When you buy an Ashford, you are earning instant recognition as a mover and shaker, somebody who commands respect and attention for the wealth at their fingertips.

Nobody but you needs to know this, but you can actually buy an Ashford for a lot less than they retail. Using a new partnership between Ashford and Groupon, you can save thousands of dollars on top of the line watches.

First of all, you can save $3,000 cash off of any purchase of $20,000 or more. That is some serious cash. If you spend over $15,000, you are also entitled to $2,200 off. Looking to spend slightly less? You can save $1,295 off of any order over $8,990. The next category of savings is a discount of $1,482 off of a $4,295 Zenith Men’s Captain Power Reserve.

Of course, you can also spend less if you are not interested in dropping five digits on a watch right now. Check out the Groupon page and you will find hundreds and thousands of dollars in savings on watches of various price ranges.

Next time you find yourself pulling up to a restaurant in your brand new luxury car, rest assured that the folks inside are going to know who that belongs to when you sit down at a table wearing a watch you purchased from Ashford.

Now we just need to wait and see when Groupon partners with Lamborghini.

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