Waking up with all sorts of bite marks on my body is not what I had expected the first night spent in my new house. These bit marks actually turned out to be from bed bugs that had infested my beloved home. I had a good arrangement with the previous occupants so I took it upon myself to get rid of this nasty menace.

Some research dug up some interesting facts about these bugs which proved useful in my first successful attempt at the problem at hand. Both unwashed, and clean environs attract bed bugs and they especially prefer dark areas near where their host sleeps. Being nocturnal creatures, it is hard to detect their presence. They are super fast and with their flattened bodies can seek the refuge of fibers, clothing and other tiny spaces.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your New Home Using Defensive End!

There is decent variety that stems bed bugs and keeps them away for good I would recommend trying out Defensive End! Advice on how to get rid of bed bugs in your new home was spot on and helped greatly in my attempt. Their organic chemical free elimination plan is practical without the risk of harmful insecticides that linger long after use.

Depending on the level of infestation and after reading Lara’s Bedroom Guardian review, I especially loved the room criteria used in the pricing. My two bed roomed house had been adversely affected plus the sofa and it only cost me $ 79.99 to rid the house of these pesky aliens.

After reading the instructions on the label, I began the exercise with a general inspection and treatment plan room by room. I applied the agents on walls, ceiling and other surfaces like wardrobes that were likely to harbor the pests. My day long efforts covered the affected areas and included getting rid of old unused items and other junk.

The spraying part is quite easy to follow. I applied a coat on the affected parts which was a bit tiresome, but with the sight of bed bugs falling flat on their backs nudged me on until I was convinced that the area had been thoroughly dealt with. The sneaky pests kept on appearing and dashing straight towards the nearest cover so I was sure that other rooms had to be the perfect lure for them.

A methodical approach from room to room was the last resort that was sure to end the bed bug migration for good. The idea of cuddling with bed bugs again was so terrifying, but with a steadfast hand, I managed to cover plenty of ground that day. The impact was as per my expectation.

With the help of Defensive End!, I can now enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up energetic and upbeat to a new day. Long gone are the memories and apprehension of the night time caused by these unruly bedroom guests.

A second care regimen can prove useful in ensuring that the nasty infestation has been dealt with comprehensively. They replicate pretty fast and mature within 30 days on an exclusive meal of human blood.

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