Envisioning the inculcation of technology in education was hard and almost impossible, but nowadays technology is as important to us as air or water! We literally cannot imagine and visualize our lives without it, especially the young and current students of this age who are totally dependent in terms of their lives on technology. That is the reason why technology has been merged and amalgamated with education and in many other fields, so that the students can be comfortable with that sort of knowledge of which they are already aware of. The business of education has incorporated technology to a great extent. From the installments of computers to the lecture delivering methods; the entire entire scenario of education is now completely hooked onto technology. The deep-rooted and traditional methods are transforming and are leaving behind the long-standing notions of one to one lecture delivering method. This transformation is seen as positive; in a bird’s eye view, students are sharper and brainy than ever before. As they have access to technology, smart phones and laptops the entire world information is at their fingertips with much more insight and a detailed view. Teachers are encouraged and motivated to transfer the same sentimentalities and attitudes about technology; the educators are working day and night and tirelessly to make sure that technology has been properly imparted and divulged within the systems. The yearly or annual funds of the public sector are due to this reason enhanced and augmented as their main budget goes to technology. So when parents complain about the fee structures being high, it is of no doubt that the institutes are trying their best to give the highest quality educational content that too through technology.

Lectures and Discussions

Technology has widely and extensively replaced the concept of white and black boards and transformed it to the technocratic substitutes and stand-ins. nowadays, teacher’s do not believe in the native concept of delivering lectures rather than that focus more on online programs related to the subjects.

Online Associations

Various universities with increased ratings have initiated online programs for those students who cannot physically show up in the campuses. As the internet facility is available to all, distant courses and degrees have made education more feasible and accessible.

Classroom Scenario

The entire classroom scenario has been transformed as teachers are made to show the students video clips or documentaries too. The PowerPoint presentation is greatly encouraged as it is a great skill itself. Through the usage of such elements within the software’s, students learn more about technology and how to make proper use of it. Projectors are used as an example of a lecture delivering method and pointers are used as well. Slide shows are also one of the most common aspects of educational spheres as it involves various slides based on informative material.

Audio Visual Notes

Lastly, students interact with the teachers by considering the audio and visual clips as its base. Teachers make the students expose to a variety of well-informed clips and slides and short stories that are particularly related to the course material or the lectures.

In terms of analysis of technology, the number of benefits we received is greater than the cons. Technology has made the process of education easier and effective, due to which the number of students has greatly increased. Technology in educational dynamics not only assists the students, but also initiates efficiency in administration and management as well.

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