Buying a new car for the family is more than just for good looks and transportation purposes. A new family car should ensure optimal safety at all times.

With so many safety features available in today’s cars, car buyers who put their family’s safety first have many options to consider. Note that each model and make of cars offer different safety features.

Depending on the types of roadways most traveled, there are five safety features worth splurging on for a new family car.

Collision Warning

Some families who regularly travel in areas of high traffic congestion may want to splurge on front, side and rear (backup) warning collision features. These work through the use of lasers, radar and cameras that scan the outer area of the vehicle. The rear or backup warning feature prevents injuries to child passengers in car seats in rear seats.

Lane Departure

Front and side collision warning is always a safety feature to consider given the potential for oncoming vehicles ignoring stop or yield signs or multi car accidents that damage the sides of vehicles and especially on highways where lane departure frequently cause side collisions.

Blind Spot Detectors

This is a feature most parents need for backing up in driveways or shopping areas. With some of these devices, the oncoming vehicle from a side angle is detected by LED lights in rear view mirrors or radar scans.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Many makes and models of cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems. If the new family car you plan to buy does not, this is a safety feature that prevents serious accidents.

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 400 deaths and more than 78,000 crashes each year are directly attributable to tire blow outs.

Electronic Stability Control

Finding a family car that is built for security like the 2020 Hyundai Palisade combines features like the driver attention feature and pedestrian warning feature to offer optimal family safety. Electronic Stability Control has computerized technology to improve the stability of the family vehicle by detecting and reducing loss of tire traction and skidding.

When such loss of stability is detected or there is loss of steering control, this feature automatically applies the brakes and helps steer the vehicle in the direction the driver intended to go.

Head Protecting Side Curtain Airbags

Although all vehicles today are equipped with dashboard air bags, a new family car should also protect rear seat passengers with head protecting side curtain air bags. In the event of a serious crash, this feature protects rear passengers from serious injuries and fatalities.

When it comes to protecting one’s family, splurging on safety features for a new family car is an investment that should be a priority for car buyers.

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