It is duty of every organization to take care of their employees and to accomplish this various organizations provide various health benefits like health insurance, health allowances in salary package etc. All these health factors depend on the work they have on the company, and most of the health hazards happen in heavy factories in which employees are exposed to radiation, heavy metal, radioactive materials, and chemical exposure. Most of the employees are not clear with the illnesses they may suffer due to the work operation in their factory.

To wipe out the worries, there has been a popular act that helps the employees by providing compensation for the illnesses happened during work. It is Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) which provides compensations to workers employed with department of energy (DOE). It is known that only certain illnesses linked to radioactive actions are covered under employee federal program. But under the Illnesses EEOICPA, certain types of workers are compensated for the illness resulted while doing their occupation in any of the energy organizations.

Healthcare For Your Employees Who Are The Backbone Of Any Organization

Occupational illnesses and their varieties

It will be better if you (employees) know about the various occupational illnesses that cover under EEOICPA act. Those defined illnesses are beryllium illness, specified cancers engendered by radiation exposure, and chronic silicosis.

To claim for compensation of any of the above mentioned illnesses, employee must possess proper medical documents followed by appropriate procedures based on the type of illness. For example if the employee suffer from chronic beryllium disease, they must have the medical record of either lung biopsy, computerized axial tomography scan, or a pulmonary function or exercise test showing pulmonary deficits.

The cancers that can be covered under this act includes bone cancer, renal cancer, leukemia (with certain stipulations), or lung cancer. The other types of cancers can be included but there are some restrictions on age and lifestyle. To help you employees with the utmost benefits, the federal government has shaped their energy workers healthcare in more beneficial way. You can know more about the illnesses that are qualified under EEOICPA act from the united energy workers healthcare site. You can also contact them for any more queries through the details provided in the site and you can also subscribe for their mailing list for more health related information which may help you lead better life.

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