One of the most popular cities in the world is undoubtedly the capital of Thailand, the beautiful city of Bangkok. Bangkok remains in the travel bucket list of many throughout the world and rightly so, this city is nothing but fascinating! This article talks of the things you should do to have that perfect holiday in the city.

 There is so much to see and do in an exciting city like Bangkok. You will be confused on what to see and do if you go into the city without a clear plan in your hand. You will find something you so dearly love and end up doing it in repetitions that you will miss out on the good things the city offers. Flights from Mumbai to Bangkok and other major cities fly frequently. Book in advance and check out all these must do things in the city.

Top 5 Things To Do For A Perfect Ending To Your Bangkok Trip

Visit the Majestic Temples

The city of Bangkok boasts of a great line of temples that are both grand and majestic. The temples are huge and their complexes even bigger. Some glitter in gold and precious stones while some made of coloured glasses and intricate detailings. You will be blown away and left awestruck by the beauty of some of these temples that you will see in the city.

The Floating Market

A half-day visit to the coasting markets around the city (KhlongLatMayom and Thaling Chan are the two generally prominent) is all that you need to fully understand and appreciate this world-renowned marketplace. It makes for a filling morning experience and on the off chance that you arrive early, you can stay away from a considerable measure of the group. Thaling Chan is the touristier one so to maintain a strategic distance from the swarms of visit gatherings, unquestionably arrive early. The subtle fragrance of the stews brewing on the little boats will make your mouth water!

Go for a Cruise

Take a voyage through the Chao Phraya stream, an unwinding and excellent experience that shouldn’t be skipped. Try not to take an overrated visit. You can ride the water taxi here and there the waterway for around 20 baht (less than 40 rupees). Begin at the focal dock; go to the end, and return. The distinction with the official ship, which makes fewer stops, is that they have somebody that gives brief portrayals about critical destinations as you go.

Visit the Grand Palace

Pay a visit to the Grand Palace (Royal Palace) and neighboring Wat Pho, home to the well known leaning back Buddha and massage school. The Royal family doesn’t live in the royal residence and you can’t go into any of the structures, yet meandering the grounds and open sanctuaries is justified regardless of the visit. It’s excellent and the craftsmanship in the engineering is astonishing.

Witness Muay Thai First Hand

Muay Thai, a world famous martial art sport is all around in Thailand and Thais consider it important. Warriors train for quite a long time. Don’t waste your time watching amateurs and tourists fight as but rather, spend a night seeing a bona fide match with world-class warriors in Bangkok at Rajadamnern Stadium. The sight is more thrilling than boxing or MMA, take my word for it!