When you spend more of your day on your feet, you significantly reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and much more. Most offices do not utilise these marvels of office technology, but today, more and more choose to make the switch. This is due in large part to studies that found extended periods of sitting was extremely bad for the health.

These studies found that years of sitting eight hours a day, five days per week put workers at serious risk for a wide range of health problems. The average office worker will spend at least five hours of his or her day in a chair, and companies are finally starting to take action.

If you are still hesitant, take a moment to understand the work benefits. Office workers will feel more loyal to you and come to work with greater enthusiasm if they see that you are willing to invest in their comfort and health. Happy employees work harder and longer, and with greater efficiency. A standing desk will allow them to stand or sit as they please in order to work out aches and discomfort as needed. This increase in comfort will in turn increase productivity within the workplace.

Reduced Obesity Risk

The more you move, the more calories burned. Studies found that those who remained still for the majority of their work day gained more weight on the same diet as those who got up and moved around for about two hours longer. None of the participants ever went to the gym once and continued their usual routine. Those who were more active and stood more burned on average 100 calories more than those sitting for the same amount of time. After a long day, the difference is clear.

The first step is to get up, and then you need to learn how to get up with greater frequency. Once you find your feet, move around. Office furniture in Auckland is available throughout the year and at cost-effective prices. Once you invest in new furniture, your office workers’ health is sure to change for the better.

Reduce Risk of Clots

Leg clogs tend to develop over extended periods of sitting motionless. A standing desk will allow your employees to stand when they need to and work out any stiffness or sore muscles while they work. In the event of a clot, they are often not noticed until too late, so it is important that their risk be lowered.

Whether you need to refurbish your office or just want to replace old and out-of-date furniture, you cannot go wrong with a standing desk. Your employees will enjoy the break in the usual monotony and feel better after a day of typing. If you choose to put one in your own office, you might even notice a few kilograms slip away after a couple months.

This is due in no small part to the added calories burned when standing. A large number of muscles are used just to keep your balance when you stand still. When sitting, those same muscles are unengaged. With no energy needed, any food you eat will eventually be stored as fat. If you choose to stand and move after eating, more of that food will be burned and used as fuel, resulting in less weight gain.

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