Some people have a bathroom the size of a normal bedroom, complete with a hot tub and marble shower and plenty of walking and even sitting space. While that would probably be any person’s ideal bathroom space, many people do not have near that much square footage to deal with when accessorizing and decorating their bathroom. Your smaller bathroom can of course still be stylish and efficient as long as you know ways to help maximize the space that you have.

Perhaps you have a larger master bathroom, but you’re wanting to make use in the best ways of the other remaining bathrooms in the house. Sometimes the dimensions are narrow, and you have to get a little creative when making those extra bathrooms accommodating for other family members or guests that stay at your home. Those smaller bathrooms can be inviting and attractive to people using them if you work on the right design implementation and placement.

Consider who is Going to be using the Bathroom

Will it be a shared bathroom space? If it is, then you already have the notion of trying to keep track of everyone’s beauty, cosmetic or other bathroom care products. It can get pretty crammed and hard to keep everything organized.

Can you Bring in some Extra wall Cabinets?

Doing this in a higher up spot can keep bathroom products away from kids that do not need to be getting their hands on them. This is a great idea for making sure all space is used efficiently as well. These cabinets might be taking up a spot that would have otherwise have been left blank. While you do want some blank wall space, staying organized must be a priority. You should also consider floating shelves which make for a good storage option.

Design Ideas For To Maximize Those Small Bathroom Spaces

Sometimes instead of moving out or along the wall sideways, you can get things to “stack” up in a different direction. A great solution that provides this option is using tiered wire baskets. Have you seen this in a bathroom before? They work as a layered hanging plant would as you can use these for your towels and rags or for product grouping as well. And, when wanting to put a live plant in the bathroom, hanging one is also another great decorative option that this idea brings up.

Do not go for the floor radiator that will take up the floor space you really don’t have. Instead, a great solution for this is to make your towel rack a heated one. These are really simple to install and great solutions for keeping the towels warm for you.

While you may like baths, many modern houses with smaller bathrooms have really nice stand up showers that are in cube form. This saves much floor space as these fully functional shower stalls look very nice and upscale as well. Before you make the decision to do this step, think about what it would net you. Are you going to leave the space open or use it for something you really want in your bathroom like a nice vanity or storage space?

While most people do have mirrors in their bathrooms, what type of mirror do you have? Nicer model and larger mirrors in your bathroom tend to make the space look bigger and more inviting. It gives the room more depth, and this is an inexpensive fix. Upgrade that mirror to a very decorative and larger one.

Using a glass screen for your bath or shower is also a reflective way to really give the bathroom some depth over just using a shower curtain. Many more tricks exist to help you maximize the potential of a small bathroom space.

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