There is nothing quite like walking into a sparkling clean bathroom first thing in the morning. You don’t necessarily need to use expensive commercial cleaners and sprays to do the job. You can actually make some really great cleaning products from household items found in your cupboards and from simple solutions. These inexpensive solutions can save your lots of scrubbing time and make cleaning your bathroom a fast chore that won’t take up hours of your time.

1. Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors stain fairly easily. Use a white vinegar solution to spray on the area and let it sit. Then prepare a paste out of salt and baking soda. Use a damp sponge to wipe the affected area with the paste. Through rinse with water to remove any additional deposits.

2. Bath Stains

Does the area that you live in have hard water? If your bath has stubborn stains on it, use white vinegar to thoroughly clean it. All you need to do is add three cups white vinegar with hot running water. Cover the stain with standing bath water and let it sit for about four hours before draining. This should make it much easier for you to remove the stain.

3. Hard To Reach Areas

Certain areas in the bathroom can be hard to reach, especially around the edges. Using an old toothbrush can be very effective. It is very versatile and will allow you reach small gaps and crevices.

9 Smart Cleaning Tips To Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

4. Stained Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can be hard to clean, especially since they are so large. Be sure to wear gloves for the job. Mix half a cup bleach with one gallon warm water in a bucket. Take a sponge and soak in the water, then wipe any mildew off the curtain. Rinse the solution off using water from the shower.

5. Mildew Problems

The bathroom, with its warm and wet environment, is an ideal breeding place for mildew to grow, especially on grout. Get an empty spray bottle pour vinegar into it. Spray the area that has the mildew on it. Let it set for ten minute. Then rinse and use an old toothbrush to scrub as needed. A clean cloth should be used to wipe the area down.

6. Shower Doors

If there is a stubborn stain on a shower door or panel, use furniture polish to make a protective film after cleaning. After each shower, use a squeegee to prevent build-up from taking place.

7. Mirrors That Sparkle

A very simple and easy way to clean your bathroom mirror is something that might take you by surprise. Make a cup of hot tea. No, not for drinking. Brew a pot of tea. Then let it cool down. Next, transfer it into a spray bottle or bowl. Use a cloth to wipe the tea over the mirror’s surface. This will remove any grease or dirt that is there. Then use a soft dry cloth to buff the mirror. Finally, stand back and admire your sparkling bathroom mirror.

8. Clogged Shower Heads

If the spray of water from the shower isn’t as powerful as it use to be, there might be a build-up of mineral deposits and calcium. Pu the shower head nozzle inside a plastic bag. Fill the bag with white vinegar so that it completely covers the shower head. Leave the bag to soak over night. Take the shower head out the next morning and rinse it off. The shower head should be good as new.

9. Blocked Drain

If you have a blocked drain, the first thing you want to do is check to make sure there isn’t any hair in the trap causing the block. Next use a baking soda and vinegar solution to clear the clogged drain however, it is still advisable to hire a professional for a complete drain cleaning & drainage solutions to clean your drainage thoroughly as well as to remove foul odours.

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