High caravan sales in countries like Australia where going outdoors is one of the major forms of entertainment seems to be pretty obvious. That said today there are more caravans being sold in Australia than at any time prior and according to experts the numbers are just going to increase. One of the reason for the increase in sales has mainly been the fact that going outdoors and having a place to stay with your family has grown in popularity. Today, there are more families venturing out than at any time before despite the fact that physical sports and activities have always been a favourite Australian past time. In addition to this fact there are many other factors that are having a positive impact on sales in the country.

Caravans have become Cheaper to Buy

The cost of ownership has certainly decreased in the past couple of years. This is partly due to the fact that many leading brands have setup shop in the country as well as there are now an increasing number of local manufacturers. All this competition has had a drastic effect on price and the quality of the caravans produced. People today can buy a brand new caravan with all the features they ever wanted and for 25% lower than what they could get a decade ago. This has many middle income families actually considering a purchase something they would have rarely done in the past.

5 Factors That Are Positively Impacting Caravan Sales Today

Maintenance has become Cheaper and Easier

In the past one of the caveats of owning a caravan was its expensive maintenance. People who could even afford to buy a caravan were often put off with the time consuming and expensive maintenance that the vehicle required. Those that did buy caravans sold it soon after because they didn’t want to pay heavily for a vehicle they only take out twice a year. Today, local manufacturing and the easy availability of parts for most locally manufactured caravans have led to an increase in caravan sales. Even though some people may still view maintenance and replacement parts as being expensive they have in fact become comparatively cheaper.

Strong Warranties to hold People’s backs

Many of the new caravans sold a few years back were not usually backed by an extensive warranty. If anything these warranties only covered a few basics and the stipulations that they carried often meant that you’d probably never call up the dealership when you have a problem. However, today thanks to an extensive network of local caravan manufacturers and improving warranties people are assured that their investment is protected. That said warranties vary from one manufacturer to the other so people are strongly advised to compare what one manufacturer offers with the other to find one that offers the best warranty.

SUVs are now Cheaper than Ever

Even though Australians love their SUVs but the fact is that up until a few years back you had to be rich to own one just to tow a caravan along at a decent speed. However, today thanks to cheaper and more fuel efficient SUVs people are now finding buying caravans the next logical step to satisfy their hunger for the great outdoors. This has indirectly led to improved caravan sales, not to mention the fact that a growing number of people now refer to their SUVs as the go to vehicle for weekend fun.

Tons of Choices

Today people are not limited to just a few types of caravans. Regardless of your budget and where you want to travel there are tons of caravans to choose from. Local manufacturers like JB Caravans are now manufacturing everything from off road caravans to regular on road caravans. So there is something for everyone. This is what will continue to drive caravan sales in the near future too. Then there is also the fact that the latest technology installed in these caravans by leading manufactures are making them easier to handle even by newbie caravan owners.


The above factors will continue to influence the impact on caravan sales in addition to a host of other factors. According to leading businesses like JB Caravans we can expect caravan sales to further improve as the global economy recovers steadily. JB Caravan in Facebook

Mark has a love for the great outdoors. An engineer by profession he has been designing and customizing caravans for years. Today in addition to selling used caravans he also designs caravans for leading Australian caravan builders. His advice is to always buy new caravans especially if you are a newbie owner.