Stainless steel appliances matched with dark colours and dark woods have been in for quite some time for trendy kitchen designs. But they’re starting to fade away. This year, we’re going to see lighter, brighter colours in the kitchen. Kid-friendly cabinets, more storage and space are all on the up this year. If you are looking to freshen up your home and kitchen, don’t forget to look underfoot and consider shopping around for the trendiest flooring timber on the market such as parquetry flooring and solid timber cladding.

Wooden Flooring

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If you’ve always dreamt of gorgeous wooden floors in your home, there are loads of options to choose from. One of the biggest trends right now is eco-friendly floor products such as bamboo and natural timber. Hardwoods are a wonderful choice too. Although they cost a bit more, you will enjoy literally decades of them underfoot.

Solid timber cladding comes in a variety of styles and ranges as well as species of trees and colours, so you’re not short for options. And best of all, timber flooring looks attractive in any setting – from old fashioned kitchen to a contemporary set up.

Trendy Kitchen Floors In 2014

If you think that hardwood floors will be too hard or too cold for you and your family’s feet, have fun choosing lush rugs to add warm softness with splashes of colour. They’re also good for protecting the wood or parquetry flooring.


Bamboo continues to enjoy a rise in popularity. Although bamboo is not technically a wood but rather a grass, it offers all the fantastic qualities of a hardwood. And when it comes to wide-plank styles, it’s difficult to distinguish bamboo from timber.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Besides solid timber cladding from Market Timbers, vinyl tiles are also enjoying a continuing growth in popularity. Vinyl is extremely versatile and available in a huge selection of looks from mimicked timber to ceramic, stone and even cork. Vinyl also cost a lot less, so it’s the perfect option for the budget-conscious.

Vinyl is a popular choice in a high-traffic area of the home, such as a kitchen. It’s warm under foot, incredibly durable, and super easy to clean. Finishes include enhanced urethane, urethane, and vinyl no wax. They’re usually available in 12 inch squares.


This is another option if you’re after a natural look at a low cost. Laminate can be used to create cohesion throughout the home. It’s a good product for damp zones like bathrooms and kitchens, where spills and splashes happen. Laminate is resistant and durable to scuffs and scratches, making it a favourable choice for homes with busy children and pets.

These days there are a range of exciting and stylish choices for modern flooring and budgets of all ranges, including parquetry flooring. Consider solid timber cladding to make walking around your kitchen comfortably and to create quite the impression next time you have visitors.

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