Springtime is close and winter has been hard on the home’s exterior. Springtime for many people means that it has become time to do some outside home exterior maintenance. It is important to do the house exterior maintenance as the chance becomes available due to the spring time rains that often show up. And besides that interior work can be done anytime independent of the weather outside.

The Gutters

Many house exterior maintenance projects consist of taking care of the gutter system. The gutters can become full of leaves, small twigs, and other things during the winter. These things will cause the water to back up, adding weight to the gutters and possibly bending or breaking them.

The Roof

While you’re up on the ladders and checking out the gutters and their hangers, it is always a good idea to inspect the rest of the roof. Winter winds and cold temperatures take their toll on the roof’s shingles. Checking the shingles can be done either while working on the gutters or from the comfort of a lawn chair with a pair of binoculars. It is better to find out if there are any missing shingles now than waiting to find out because the rain is leaking into the house.

4 Ways To Get Your Homes Exterior Ready For Spring

The Windows and Doors

Another house exterior maintenance project that is probably on many people’s to do list is oiling the doors, locks and windows. Winter weather lets moisture get into places that it normally wouldn’t get into. This moisture will cause rust, corrosion, sticking locks and of course that annoying squeaking sound when they are being opened and closed. While oiling the door hinges and the locks it wouldn’t hurt to check the window caulking. Caulking can become cracked and this cracking will make the caulking less effective as time goes on. Checking and replacing the caulking around the doors and windows will be a benefit year round by keeping the drafts out of the home as well keeping the climate controlled temperature inside the home.


One of the biggest projects that might be on the home exterior maintenance list could be painting. Giving the home a new coat of paint will allow the homeowner to check over their entire home and help make it look fresh for the summer.

There are many things that can be done to the exterior of the home to get ready for spring. Washing the driveway and walk ways are also things that can be done. Washing these off will allow the owner to see if there are any repairs that need to be done before winter comes back around. Flowerbeds will need to be prepared for the later spring planting and bushes will need to have the dead branches trimmed out of them.

Getting your home ready for spring allows you to make sure your home is in good working order and is also a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

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