One of those things meant to enhance the appearance ofhouse/apartment is the lighting. It is also one of those things you usually don’t notice. You may just feel there is something missing in your home, and you just can’t figure out what is it. Lighting serves no only to improve visibility, but also to create atmosphere, accentuate some part of the room and for other aesthetics tasks. If a room is well lit, everyone will feel comfortable in it and enjoy the view. You don’t need to be an interior designer to create stylish lighting in your home, with a few bulbs and fixtures and several good tips, you can turn your home into an appealing illuminated paradise.

Lighten Up To Brighten Up: Creating Stylish Lighting In Your Home

The Secret is in Layering

The secret in creating good lit home is in layering. Just as an interior designer is creating a stunning look with different textures and colors, the lighting designer is putting together different lighting effects which results with perfect inviting ambient. Backlight can actually bring life into your furniture in ways you can’t even imagine. To achieve some those kinds of effects, you should use multiple light sources. In a living room for example, treat yourself with a floor lamp next to your favorite reading corner, and make your bathroom look luxurious with lights around the mirror and at the same time, make it “shadows-proof”.

Don’t Ignore the Function of the Room

You can’t just go around and use the same light sources in every room of your home. Before you start even thinking about the lighting, ask yourself: “What will I use this room for?” It’s not the same if you are going to use it for reading or for cooking. This is important not only because of functionality, but also because of the atmosphere. You wouldn’t want people in your dining room to be blinded by the lights or not to have enough room in your reading space, wouldn’t you?

Know thy Bulbs

It’s not all about knowing the features of your rooms, you should also know the characteristic of different bulbs and when are they used. You should steer away from fluorescent bulbs, they aren’t doing anyone a favor. They can cause fatigue and they make everything look off color. The experts from Z Two lights recommend compact fluorescent light bulbs instead which can be a great option if disposed carefully. A little pricier option are screw-in LEDs, but they do have a long life, so the investment may easily pay off.

Tips and Tricks for Every Room

It’s time to get a few tricks out of our sleeves. Now you know the basics, what comes next, are some extra advices for lighting of every room.

Bedroom: You’ll need bright light in your wardrobe and a lamp for reading and everything else should be discrete.

Kitchen: It requires flexible lighting scheme. The absolute necessity for this room is light about cookers.

Living room: Here, you’ll need to put lights around the focal points, such as sofa, chairs, table, etc.

Dining room: Not much philosophy here, chandelier above the table and you’re done.

Bathroom: In the bathroom you need soft and shadow free light, so use two wall lights on both sides of the mirror.

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