Moving into a new place requires a lot of hard work. Not only do you have to have everything done correctly but the prerequisite to that is terrifying enough; yes, I’m talking about the designing. You may be a fan of antique themed outlooks, but an increasing number of people are going for contemporary styles in their homes.

Who doesn’t want their house to look up-to-date and classy? However, contemporary styles are ever-changing according to what’s new in the world. A living room is a multipurpose room, serving as your place of relaxation and hanging out with friends too. Here are some contemporary living room ideas for you:

1. A Happy Colour:

Gone are the days when living rooms were designed delicately, in browns! Say hello to happy colours like yellow! Nothing makes a room look cheery than yellow walls or wallpaper (which adds a level of contemporary look). Top it all off with white /crème furniture, plush sofas and lots of flowers. Its fresh not only to the eyes but to the nose too.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

2. Division:

We all wondered in mathematics class where division would help us and here we go! Divide a room into two portions. One for the comfy sofas and television sets and the other for all that gaming on Saturday night. This will be a fun process because you can do different wallpapers or colour themes, and create a very creative looking room.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

3. A Fireplace:

Nothing gives a warm feeling like a fireplace does (pun intended!). Install it on one wall and it will immediately bring sophistication to the room. There are so many ways to decorate a fireplace and you can choose the best on according to the general aura of the living room. Mount up some pictures on top, which would add a lovely balance with the elegance of the fireplace and the cosiness of the room.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

4. Romantic Touch:

Perhaps you and your spouse have just moved in and are eagerly looking forward to some time together. Give the place a soft touch with crème colour furniture, and of course candles. How about some floating ones or scented ones? An even softer glow can be achieved if you put in delicate wall lights all over one wall. A bunch of roses in a vase will make the look complete.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

5. Paint the Roof:

This might sound like a strange idea but it can really give your room the look you desire. If you go for a pale colour like blue, the room will automatically look cosy and comfy for when friends come over. On the other hand, a colour like black will bring out the dramatic touch and make it look more formal.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

6. Listen to Yourself:

It’s your house and you can do whatever you want. That’s the best thing about contemporary styles! It’s all in the market, you can try anything new, and you can make it all work! Go for bookshelves if you are the bookworm or maybe an Xbox if you are quite the gamer.

All in all, you decide what the room looks like. All these contemporary living room ideas are here to open you up to more innovative notions or give you answers to what you were looking for.

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